23 February 2019

Play Fun Fashion City Makeover Girls, Dress Up Makeup Hair Salon High School Games For Girls

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let's do my makeup first apply the

eyeshadow [Music] right now apply the eyeliner [Music] come here my eyebrows please awesome now change the color of my eyes [Music] [Applause] lipstick for a perfect finish [Music] some accessories would be cool [Music] [Music] let's give you ready for the evening okay can you choose a hairstyle for me [Music] great now color it the way you body [Music] I like this hairstyle let's get you ready for the evening okay choose the most beautiful earrings for me please [Music] cool let's get you ready for the evening okay [Music] choose the color you like and paint my nails [Music] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] looks great the man light was awesome [Music] I love it nice color Wow shiny link bling-bling [Music] monthly [Music] let's get you ready for the evening okay [Music] trust me up for my date with Jack look great gorgeous nice color I like this one amazing [Music] [Applause] [Music] you got you got Styles fabulous [Music] great classy classy fabulous gorgeous [Music] nice color [Music] oh yeah welcome to the fashion city you look beautiful Hannah girls would you like something to drink yes sure one tropical drink please sugar and drop in some ice cubes turn it on

Spray some whipped cream please add more fruits slice you did a good job thanks Hannah let's try coconut slush okay pineapple fit slice it now peel it great cut it into small pieces awesome put it in the blender pour some coconut milk sugar great now blend everything together [Music] a hammer it's almost done Wow it looks great do you like it girls would you like something to drink yes sure let's make a tropical drink first slice the pomegranates put fruits into the juicer press and hold to turn it on drop is the nice juice we need more fruits you know what to do [Music] turn it on [Music] just a few drops of syrup welcome to the city [Music] hi Hanna beautiful evening isn't it it's wonderful you chose a great spy Hanna you look I mean you are just so pretty oh man I'm bad at this it's okay you are very

sweet I've prepared a little picnic for us great I'm famished let's make some sandwiches that's Alicia that salami tomato the clergy salad looks great oh I have an idea let's make them heart-shaped delicious [Music] Hannah I hey guys can watch the fireworks ok JP see you there bro look at that sunset it's beautiful not as beautiful as you Hannah I want to tell you something I like you very much no it's more than that I think I really [Music] oh my Hanna can we stop here for a moment what's up look at the beach it's terrible hmm little crash you must save them please hmm sweet that you care let's do this no time to waste let's help those poor craps get back in the seat like lots of this they yes it was a truly crabbit evading experience hmm alright alright but we did good didn't we yes we saved many helpless creatures oh man I'm freaking out it's my first day Oh No the line is endless what'll I do I have an idea hey JP could I come in line how's it

Frank as sub lady bro sure thing but you'll have to prepare your hotdogs yourself I'm totally swamped Hannah [Music] first let's add vegetables [Music] hmm which one should I choose now let's add some toppings don't forget the salt [Music] there's never enough Sun who the angry moms gone thanks bro Safina you can take that one for free anything else I do need another one for Jack let's see hmm which one should I choose or should I see a one taste the danger taste the mystery this one's for you whoo I love it yes Jedi let's pretend this never happened let's have fun at the beach