10 January 2019

Play Pet Care & Makeover Games - Kitty Meow Meow - My Cute Cat Day Care & Fun Mini Games For Girls

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it's time for a spa let's do a manicure first supply sister can you trim my nails oh choose the color you like and pieces now decorate it the way you like [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] bringing some toys please feel free [Music] spray on some cleaner now for some clean litter [Music] choose a here's now for me hey can you be my hairstylist great choose the color you like and dye my hair pick a hair accessory for me [Music] hmm what should we order everything looks delicious choose some toppings for pancakes [Music] can you make it more delicious blueberries strawberries cherries [Music] can't wait to try it oh thank you everything looks delicious let's make some juice

quick fruits into the juicer [Music] [Music] it's refreshing thank you everything looks delicious [Music] welcome to the mom let's decorate my house [Music] welcome to the mouth hit the hair accessory for me such a nice hot are you a stylist [Music] welcome to the mall she's the prettiest asset for me [Music] welcome to the mom [Music] I wish this horse was real [Music] [Music] flowers in there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] watch out frisky thumbs [Music] [Music] [Music]