25 February 2017

Play-date GIRLS vs BOYS

Play-date Girls vs Boys!!!! Big thumbs up for Ronald for playing the girl :) SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram ...

Hey! Sup bro?

>> Sup? >> Take off this coat for me. So we're going to play Xbox bro? >> Yeah! >> Let's go! Do I really have to use your sister's controller? >> Yeah. It's your sister's! I'm the guest. Be polite, dude. >> Hey! >> Alright, let's play this game. >> Hey girl. >> Hi. >> Get in the house, come on! I got us-- I got us ready a game to play. >> What? >> Here, I'll take your coat. >> Do you want to play stuffies? >> That's what I got prepared for us, let's go! Why are you drinking a coffee? You're too young. Get off my head! >> I won! Good game, dude. >> Not good! >> Do you wanna do a fashion walk? >> Sure! >> Me first, dibs it!

>> He shoots! >> I'm winning! I'm winning! >> Aw, I missed. >> I did it, I did it, yes! Oh, wait. What are they doing there? I don't know. >> Do you want to prank them? >> Yeah. >> I got an idea. >> What is it? >> We're gonna prank them so good! Let's go. >> Yeah. Let's go. Let's go. >> It's making it into the room. Oh I bet they're about to scream now. >> Hello. >> Hi. >> Hi. >> Ronald! Wait, I got an idea. >> What? >> Oh, more bad guys. Let's get the bad guys. >> What just happened? >> Karina! >> Yay! >> That was a terrible playdate! Your sister's ruined it all. I know!

>> I'm leaving. Good bye! >> That was a great play date, see you tomorrow! >> Thanks! Bye! >> Bye! Good bye, see you tomorrow!