05 December 2018

Pony Sisters Pet Hospital - Take Care Of The Cute Animals - Fun Pet Care Kids Games By TutoTOONS

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Hospital hi we are the ponies we have a

lot of work holy pot let's check your temperature [Music] let's seek care of Rosie she is awesome medication [Music] [Music] let's see care right let's make some juice [Music] get into the juicer [Music] and turn it on look tasty [Music] very delicious thank you let's see care of Rosie open it good job now let's listen to our heart touch the hearts vitamin C is necessary let's take a closer look [Music] that's nice the medication now let's yoga disease [Music] anymore we have a lot of work to do [Music] [Music] let's open it [Music] great now fill the bowl with water put it into the water let's pass the rice

wrap it to make it stable [Music] I have a lot of work to do the flu [Music] rainbow got the flute let's make herbal tea for rainbow odd herbs please some hot water [Music] Remo feels much better rainbow got the flu can you clear her stuffy nose now [Music] risa medicine her eyes are red - we need a few eyedrops a lot of work to do take it out [Music] clean it carefully [Music] can you heal the woods Oh No doctor can you heal the wounds applies a bandage can you heal the wounds mom needs protection [Music] [Applause] [Music] can you heal them we have a lot of work to do let's make a card for Pony sisters [Music] very nice now decorate it the way you like

[Music] [Music] you