04 February 2015

Portable on-bed bathtub

Making on-bed bathing easier for both caretaker and patient No need to retreat patient Portable with simple assembly & disassembly kits Space-saving with ...


happy bathing on bath bathtub parts and assembly voting sites are 85 by 60 centimeters components of the frame include four to section pipes for long pipes for short pipes for 3-way connectors 16 triangular knobs 2 plugs and one reducer coupler use for long pipes for 3-way connectors in a triangular nuts to build up both white sides of the frame and make sure the knobs are screw tightly on the inner sides these are two section pipe into a short pipe and make sure the snap button pops out of the hole of the short pipe and prepare the other three to section pipes likewise connect the white sides of the frame with the long pipes to complete a hope frames assembly and also make sure the knobs are screwed tightly on the inner size if the bathtub is just for one individual there's no need to disassemble the frame after use demonstration of how to use the product place the waterproof sheet under the barrister by turning him or her both directions place a pillow under the sheet too little ahead place the frame on a bed pan up the sheet to completely hope bathtub assembly

make sure the drink hole is unclogged connect the reducer coupling with a drain and a hose for drainage plug the other hope rinse labelled rester with a ladle or a showerhead adjust the waterproof sheet for better drainage trial a barrister and the sheet with the towel and cover him or her with a dry towel to stay warm the button the sheet and remove the frame then remove the sheet by turning the barrister both directions spread out a sheet on the frame to air-dry and avoid direct sunlight any questions please call a local agent or distributors