09 February 2019

Power Girls Super City - Superhero Salon & Pets New Update! New River Monster Fun Care Games For Kid

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come back every day and [Applause] [Music] welcome to super city [Music] River Monsters come to visit the city flow that water is everywhere this blood is making a huge mess can you make river monster smaller using superheroes powers [Music] through the flowers oh there are some frogs on the street chase them away [Music] super Fox can help you dry the street [Music] back on the street don't forget to dry the building or plan can you invite them [Music] there's a repo lobster needs to get back to the scene can you put it area neck [Music] [Music] it's monsters parents to you river monster got home safely you're a real hero welcome to super city [Music] Oh No the trash monster is here again I have to stop it we have to clean this mess click on the trash very good not clean the park

[Music] awesome do you know how to sort metal and plastic this one is tough Oh No try to monster mess of the river help me clean it [Music] [Music] you did a great job welcome to super city [Music] can you feel the cold the ice monster chained to the spinning don't worry places coming [Music] I will melt the ice let's try Kitty's coat much better these will protect him from the cold good job kitty is warm and safe welcome to super city hi my name is blaze let's cook chop it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] pour some oil put onions and garlic into the frying pan stir and fry it now add the minced you're doing great [Music] add some tomatoes mix everything together chop spaghetti bag put it in

the boiling water you're the best cross a spoon and stir wait for a few minutes [Music] can you set the table [Music] like the candles add some great some cheese looks tasty one more time almost done smells good [Music] welcome to super city first let's take care of my skin apply a face mask hmm cucumbers for some freshness wait for a few minutes good job now remove the slices now rinse it much better great applied face cream please now I have flawless looking skin let's do my makeup fill in my eyebrows please choose the color of the eyeshadows and take a photo make it shiny apply the eyeliner please some mascara for an awesome luck and lipstick for a perfect finish [Music] Wow I look super thank you very much welcome to super city [Music]

Oh No Oh your monster came to the city never fear mallanna is here I'll put out the fire now let's clean the ashes [Music] fight a monster drive up the river let's rescue the fish [Music] let's refill the river [Music] good job put them back into the river [Music] you did a great job time for your reward [Music] welcome to super city hi my name is mallanna I need to take a bath can you wash my hair [Music] shampoo for my shiny hair it feels great now rinse the shampoo [Music] [Music] let's dry my hair grease now brush it [Music] some final touches for an awesome look [Music] Wow nice jewelry [Music] Wow I look stunning thank you so much [Music]

welcome to super city