13 April 2018



yeah these are bones I know I'm saying

she had no hair yeah this is a stray we're gonna get her some wet food and see if she'll eat for us I wonder if it's cause of her teeth you said our teeth are not good you know I didn't look that bad on the front that bad that one needs to come out for sure at the bottom of fun yeah it's not terrible now God may see it she's emaciated absolutely emaciated oh my god hi precious it was really really really sad and really kind of let down this morning when I put up her photo and I asked supporters to please donate there were four comments for comments out of 200 yes for this little girl guys I know you probably look at her and think oh she's new she's easy this dog was going to be killed at Miami Dade okay she's five years of age she is when I tell you ain't nothing you can feel if she had no hair this dog is nothing but skeleton every bone every rib every accented she is dry eye that's about it she needs a complete dental she is not spayed we need to spay her when she puts on some weight her name is precious and

again miami-dade yeah yeah let me see you I can't see your face mommy let me see she's dry i but yeah she she can see fine come here mama come on precious come on come on she's got to be so weak there's nothing to burn she's nothing yeah let's get her inside a very hot out here let's get into a room let's get a doctor to see her make sure she gets everything she needs she is he may ciated nothing but skin and bones that's all she is skin and bones and we asked for your help this morning to please donate and there were 4 comments I was so sad about that so sad we can't continue without your help we just can't just can't let me see her little face Jesse I miss your eyes her eyes are fine totally totally fine they're clear she's very weak I want to get doctor to ah yeah sure we need to get her seen she's not like a normal she's really emaciated we're probably gonna maybe need to get her on fluids she's very lethargic her name is precious do you do me a humongous favor can you run oh never mind

nope I'm gonna I have to get I have to run to my car really quick no I need to she's what 7 pounds she's even look at 7 pounds just watch my purse for a second I need to get my cord so guys as I was saying mmm you know the miami-dade Animal Services shelter I'd put up a post I think it was yesterday of all the dogs that they're killing every day they're overcrowded they're full and we can yell and blame the shelter all that we want but at the end of the day if the public is going to continue to dump animals like yesterday's trash they don't look at animals like we do get tired of them they get old they don't want to be bothered they move they're not taking their dogs with them whatever the case 6.8 pounds she's emaciated we can blame the shelter all we want but until we fix the problem with the people and the mentality I say it every day it is a we're dealing with a huge mentality war in Miami we really are and they're basically just dumping animals all day long as as Jessie was at the shelter today this is Jessie say hey Jessie hey Jessie Jessie was at the shelter I sent her a text message

because Joelle and Andrew that runs the adoption center there with the rescues and everybody else they sent me an email with three a numbers which are the ID numbers of three more dogs that they were basically begging me for can you put this in this basically begging me for to help and get them out so I asked Jessie to go and look at them and I said we only have room really for one dog because a Papa Bear left today he's Tiffany took him to his potential home we're doing a meet-and-greet with their dogs let's go in a room so I can plug myself in I'm gonna take this room as I was saying I'm sorry guys it's kebab related here trying to get myself been a long morning but as Jesse was at the kill shelter picking up little precious of course they were sending me they were sending me an email with three more dogs three more dogs that were desperate and needed our help with so I had Jesse go back and meet them and Jesse there were three dogs you said that were super sweet basically all came in together so we're picking those three dogs up tomorrow because they need help they're full are those the three no horrible pictures

Carlos is one Tony are they both boys two boys and one girl that's why I think the girls enhance she's the oldest one and the boys are two years old together and they all came in the same day I just can't but I want you to everybody to look at this dog who was five years ago of age maybe six would you say six point eight pounds yeah six point eight pounds come closer to me Laurie cuz I'm stuck to the wall because my phone is gonna die I'm sorry but I just want everybody to see she's just been so neglected you can see I mean she's so neglected she's dehydrated she's starving she's starving her nails are overgrown you can see that her nails everything has been neglected on this dog they've probably just used her for breeding and when they're done with her they just dispose of them like yesterday's trash there's no more profit to be made off of these dogs they're poor can you imagine so please like I said this is not just oh what a cute little dog okay that's not what happens here this dog like I said she is not spayed she needs a dental she needs fluids we don't know anything about her medical right now she is completely

dehydrated completely shut drei I just so lethargic so if your heart truly does go out to us we're asking all of you to make a donation just cover our vet costs for each dog so that we can continue get them into homes and save another that's all we're asking you can call into the animal hospital directly if that makes you feel better and you can just say you would like to make a donation for a certain dog or just the rescue and entitle 100 plus abandoned dogs have Everglades Florida if she will get better now but we need your help with donations please I don't care if it's five dollars or a dollar it adds up with all of our supporters so please please donate for her we're going to have the doctor come in here right now and I'll come back with the video I'm just going to charge up my phone and focus on her for a few minutes but please if you want to call it in directly it's nine five four seven seven one zero one five six that's the animal hospital nine five four seven seven one zero one five six and the PayPal link is up there 100 plus abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida please donate for precious she's so shut down which is

just so weak