12 March 2019

Pretty ticked right now! Non service dog issue


hi guys so I'm trying not to freak out right now um so I went to I told you guys a story about how I went to my UDF the other night and you know some guy had asked me about service dogs or whatever and I gave him an ad a card he was cool about it he was generally he can't even talk he genuinely wanted to know like he was legit asking questions not trying to be a dumbass or something like that anyway I just went into that same you'd yes I'm in or out of here all all the freaking time and this is just an unusual time for me to go in somebody has a black lab in there with a vest yes they're p-dog and as soon as I walk in as soon as I walk in it lunges at Luna and the lady that's walking up to the counter two people tells us the guy's name or how's him and says hold him back I said whoa if this is not a service dog you should not have your dog in here and the lady snaps at me and she goes he is a service dog I said I'm sorry then why does he have a vest on that says therapy dog well he's in training well if he is in training your dog should still not be lunging towards my dog like it wants to

get at my dog generally freaked me out and and then she's like she tells the guy Oh take him back to a car take him back to the car yeah could you know he should not be in there Luna was not lunging Luna was it was not Luna this was I walked into a gas station in the gas station and as soon as I walked in at lunch at Luna and the chick was there was totally yeah obviously knew the guy and the dog it was probably her dog hold him back hold him back guys I have not had to deal with something like this before on my side of town I swear to god people around here are idiots because they see me with Luna and think they can do it and think it's okay to bring their dogs in because I have Luna I'm just I'm terrified Caitlin's in there right now trying to talk to a manager and give them an ad a card it's it's it's a lady that works their stock and I told her when I told her I said obviously he is not a service dog when you are having to tell the guy that was handling the dog to hold him back no I said your dog should not be wanting to come to her at all like my dog my dog - your dog Luna Luna Luna did great that's

okay forget get something hang on yes sir I'm sorry sir I don't have any change I just got plastic on me man that's pretty normal in my side of town people ask for money on time now I want to know what's going on in there I worry for Caitlin because I mean she obviously didn't take keep her in there all right just to kind of leave alone but she's like no it's not okay and really it's not but like I tell you guys all the time pick your battles but the fact that the dog was right there and she knows you could tell in her face that she knew she shouldn't have that dog in there cuz I was trying to look her right in if she checked me out like check wrung my stuff up and I was trying to look her in the face and she would not look at me I don't know guys I just I just needed to rant it was it was scary it was just scary because you don't know the dog wanted to obviously he didn't bark or anything but he was whining and he was doing this real low little like and then whine whine whine whine whine like not a service dog not a service dog shouldn't have been in there you're okay you're okay

things like this loon is fine you're fine like I am sorry guys hey scope I'm after dark and I bring Luna in with me all the time like that then the late-night workers know who I am they know who unit is I don't ever have problems occasionally I'm in here in the afternoon this is just an odd time for me to be in there as soon as I walk in immediately lunges at Luna tell him telling the guy I said hey man you know if your dog isn't a service dog it really shouldn't be in here he didn't say anything to me the lady that was working there was yelling at him hold him back anyway here comes Kaitlin find out what happened so what look the manager was really receptive yeah she administered n't know much about you know service dogs and stuff like that apparently it's an employee his dog that was in there it was yeah yeah I told you as I waited behind a counter yeah and she's like I didn't see it but I'm gonna review the taste and said please review the tapes review the a da and asked her not to bring that dog back and I went over how you know that's you know a potential is

so dangerous for us because I need abuse for I'm just I told you not to go in there I told the lady I said I'm risking my own helping and I said you know I have my own service dog out in the car but I chose not to bring her in because because I can't risk my dog being attacked doing good things like that's happen there's nothing you could do actually there are things you can do yeah yeah and and that's why Caitlin told to do I was just gonna move on and just like I just I came on here to rant guys basically like I'm not trying to be like should be dead because it's not a service dog type thing or whatever I'm just it happens yes it happens this is just there is you can do about it though yeah you can edge it you can have another educate fine you're fine yeah that's exactly what I said I went in I'm like I need to speak to your manager and the manager came up to me and I just listened I said my friend was in here with her service dog and a therapy dog I said I don't explain what a service dog was and I said service dogs were the only one that have access rights I explained

you know three requirements of the idea and I said that dog just not we're gonna meet requirements and and you know one of the real isn't as if the dog poses a direct threat to others safety and health that direct threat there's reason here - yeah it's a drug threat to my health because of something if if that dog were to attack Luna hey if it was bad enough Nina could have you know had to gone to the vet what I said that's a lawsuit for your company and I said that's a lawsuit for them and I said and I said hey real handlers hold their dogs up to high standards and I said so if Luna would it became dog evasive after this she would have washed and then we even went had to go on and get another dog and started to this again I said training a service dog takes six two years I said that's six months to two years that oh I don't know I'm I said I'm not trying to tell you what to do and I said but I said please review that tape and tell that employee that you can't that she can't bring that dog back I said because it's not a service dog but she up there when you went in yeah they're sitting inside eatin with

the dog yeah I said I said therapy dogs don't have access right I said service dogs are dogs specifically Medicaid said to her I can't speak because you know or specifically trained to mitigate their handlers disability I said a therapy dog is a dog trained to go in two places where it's in head and comfort those who need it and they're specially trained I said but service dogs are the only one that have public access rights that dog does not have public access erease I said even if it is hashed I said it does not mean any firemen not under control different ways you can handle situations like this the first one being you know try to stay calm and educate which is some what I was doing I was trying to stay calm but at the same time the dog was coming towards Luna so I'm trying to like freak out and like stay away and the lady that owns the dog that works here did make her person I don't know son boyfriend whoever it was that had him take him around the corner away from Luna thank God but one in there I should it honestly I probably should have just left like I but why should I have to

leave when I'm going in trying to get something that I need for myself and leave because there's a dog that shouldn't be in there in there like I my thing is to protect one and you better believe that I was between that dog and Luna [Music] and I'm starting to yeah coming in there without keeper and I told that lady I said I'm risking my own health being in here right now I said because I don't have my service dog because I didn't bring her in because that dogs in there and I said that dog pose a direct threat to my health and my service dog's health there does guys take pictures like I don't know it's just frustrating I guess like obviously it's frustrating and I'm sure some of you guys have done that like I said there's two way to handle it you can jump right in and be like I'm gonna call the police and then all this other stuff but you're worked up you're having to wait for the cops to come and you know stuff like that and you know get to if it's it's not worth it if you're doing a quick in-and-out thing if they're flattered I new service saying that you can't be there that

that's a situation Tori one a call the police or at least try and educate and then if you go back again and saying the same thing then you know call the cops like if I come back here again with Luna and this dog is here then I will probably talk to the manager again and say hey the second time a bit in here and this dog is in here that shouldn't be in here and you know say you know if you don't ask them to leave and not ever come back I won't call the police at that point so they can tell them to leave and not come back or if you don't want to do place you can call a TA and apartment and report them and the corporate yeah so that's that's just that I'm calming down guys I'm gonna add good for you Deidre you're stepping up there sorry guys I haven't really read oh good but kind of hmm oh shoot what is it doing what is oh they're looking at you - that's funny the one you can't see the dog cuz he's sitting I'm a little boy he's right in front of the boy right here so but no I'm sorry to hear that deidre right Pauline

yeah they don't know how you know it affects people's that's what I tried to shove into this woman's head late you're you're right totally and employees should not be able to bring their personal dogs not into a place like this I think uh it's her dog with this employee's dog but she had her husband and son bring in the dog you guys are sliding Shh I don't know guys um yeah I'm know so would be the cross street so I'm starting to come down I'm just I was just sitting here literally like I couldn't drive Bosworth my god I wouldn't wanna Ben say yeah II guess you know if it's behaved it's not pulling on its leash it's not you know what it was doing it Luda I would I would have just went about my business and would have been like have your dog in yeah well they don't they do those are no questions they should be asking so I don't know anyways I'm I've seen guys thanks for your support thanks fern you're standing and that kind of I don't I I that's what I wanted to make no should not be in here like I was talking calmly like I'm talking I start with or dog in here yeah I'm gonna go so I'll

see you guys around