12 March 2019

Princess Horse Club 3 - Play Magic Pony Care, Makeover, Dress Up, Clean Up Games - Fun Pet Care Game

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princess horse love three hello welcome

to the horse club caramel take care of your mouth right now get rid of the dust [Music] water applied the shampoo you're doing great [Music] very good now try the coat brush it very good now hold the bottle please [Music] thank you so much caramel feels great welcome to the horse club Thunder Thunder God so dirty let's wash him now use the stiff brush use the soft brush very good now drive the horse now Russians hair and make it fun [Music] horse looks amazing attack up your horse [Music] welcome to the horse club main care route this beautiful horse apply the shampoo you're doing great [Music] now take the scissors and cut it very good now dry the horse fresh its hair and make it shiny choose the color you like and paints it [Music] Wow you did a good job horse looks

perfect now decorate it the way you like [Music] whoo very nice cool cool [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to the horse club staple cleanup you clean the stables please sweep the floor [Music] don't forget the spiderwebs get rid of dust you help so much welcome to the horse club Prince Adrian help friends prepare for the wedding you're doing great [Music] let's wash it [Music] file the nails apply shaving cream now shave the beards [Music] let's brush his teeth freeze now brushes [Music] prints looks amazing choose the best clothes for him [Music] move [Music] welcome to the horse club barrier clean the hoop remove a shoe trim excess

smooth wall [Music] secur shoe in its place with nails [Music] [Music] remove the nail clip Russian voice is ready to ride welcome to the horse club [Music] Drako let's take care of the a great now get rid of the dust Wow the egg looks fantastic chicken will hatch the egg just wait for a while chicken job here is done click it now crack the egg good job Draco is here now please take care of her now hold the bottle [Music] she loves Chili Peppers thank you for your help welcome to the horse club meeting time let's make a salad first we need some acids chop it get some pears - good job you know what to do pull out those beetroot great now slices [Music] horses love carrots bison [Music] [Music] Oh add some reason almost none and a little

bit of sugar good job horses can't wait to taste it welcome to the horse club princess horse club three