28 February 2017

Puppy Bowl at Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center on KHOU's Great Day Houston


he'll ready for fun get ready for laughs get ready to have a great day houston good morning y'all I mean for real who needs a puppy bowl after the break we're just going to stare at Ryan for five straight minutes are we oh yes no you all we've got so much pineapple glaze over right back okay usually a puppy bowl would be the thing you put your pets food and water in right but in the spirit of a big game some dogs want to get a paw in the action great days cocina cooker is out live at Meadow Lake pet resort for the puppy bowl good morning Deborah good morning Houston look it is very cold out here we are so excited to be out here at meadowlakes it's an idiot is it actually borders pearland so all of you people out here listen up I'm if I was nice to took a tour this morning and who needs the hill when you get this place are cut now Lord y'all except humans you know I wish we did right but I was vacation here for a little bit of everything we do you've got a good cool infant we're going to talk about here in a second but I tell everybody you guys are more than just I know 50 he's like hello yeah that's an e-learning training and doggie daycare

right yes yes I couldn't you know some people there were serious about the place they took my dog than child care absolutely so tell me about what all you have here well these guns are our clients babies they're their kids you know so they want the best for them and that's what we're here to provide so we do overnight lodging we even have sweets with flat-screen TVs and fluffy mattresses the whole nine yards yeah we've got doggie daycare we just opened a beautiful new daycare building right behind me here we have a splash pad associated with that day care that they get to go to every day and then we offer grooming and training were one of the best training facilities here in the kitchen and pearland area so we're super excited about that as well yeah and I heard I heard y'all do doggy facial oh we do we have blueberry facials we do birthday parties we have a ton of fun things to do for your pet it's not in so sweet and that Deborah's going to get a kick out of the show you hell yeah great day Deborah specifically love JJ guess what this baby's name is JD I kind of sub you see this is a multi-tool among mainly Spain with us at

metal like right now in the lap of luxury and I think he's pressing me whenever I'd ever get her to say ok so curly let's talk about the event the events coming up next Wednesday right y'all a puppy bowl tell me about it yes so what's more fun during the super bowl then flipping back and forth to animal planet's puppy bowl that they do every year so we thought why not have Houston's own puppy bowl so we're inviting puppies to the six months of age to come and have a day son of fun and play we're going to have the national anthem at 9am we're going to do live Facebook feeds all throughout the day we're to have an awesome halftime show so we're super excited and looking for more puppies to join us ok so right now so anybody's welcome how do they enroll anyone is welcome spots are limited so they do need to call 7 13 for 13 16 33 and make a reservation with one of our reservation specialists so that we can get you there in the books and and have your spot reserved we do have plenty more available so we're hoping to get some more adorable puppies like JJ okay JJ so I'm but when when they come out there is going to be playing really

yes yes they're going to be playing it's not going to be a you know too serious of a football football game although we are going to assign them teams either blue or green and hope we get some some touchdowns son break it down ok so and i understand i'm going to be going away with the trophy as well yes every puppy is going to go home with their very own lombardi trophy which we've made with each of their names on it so again we want you to call so you can go ahead and get your puppy's name on one of trophies as well they're going to be having a pinata actually full of treats at halftime we're going to have disco balls and lights and our our mascot meadow behind us here is going to hang out during the halftime show and play with the puppies as well so it's going to be a ton of fun all day I know the dogs over there or you're out doing their play there they're jealous like what's going on ok so cool so this is the next wednesday so in the next of all the big game stuff yeah we're going to be are going to get in the mix I can so excited now have to tell y'all to you so when I left this morning my husband is always like so what are you doing you

know and I told him I said oh I'm having a shoot with puppies and he's like oh I said don't worry I don't come home with any because they're all spoken for well guess what I just found out that right and Michael here they are Australian german shepherd mix there's the eight of them that have been rescued and they are up for adoption but you guys need to call a pup squad rescue group if you want to take one of these guys home you know the narcs I'm not by being there about eight weeks now near way they're about they're about ready ready to meet their home ok so so much keeps best I know I know all right Deborah so I heard little birdie told me that you have a knack for a little time my birthday I won't eat that one you have a knack for a dog treat you want me bringing on one yeah bring me some home I did I just do up some of the best dog treats actually said was on the phone right now some of the best dog treats are actually good for human ce2 right ok all right hold on I cooking a whole lot with being a ho my god yeah only if I guys okay i will ask her Kristina Snoop Dogg is going to be in town for the arm for the Super Bowl but he was just saying to me that he

would love to sing the national anthem for the puppy bowl Calder and what's missing the national anthem for you guys oh that's perfect going to do it thank you very much Bob Isis okay you think your pup has a paw up on the competition and would like to compete at the puppy bowl at Meadow Lake pet resort visit great day houston dot-com