07 November 2017

Puppy Dog Pals Adventures In Puppy-Sitting Episode 5 - Tia Hardy

adventures and puppy-sitting morning

sleepy snouts my friend just got a new puppy named baby a puppy named baby I told her the you two are so much fun you'll be like the greatest puppy sitters ever yeah I'm never going to get my naps in today you hear that Rollie Bob wants us to be the greatest puppy sitters ever great puppy sitters like Bob's mom get foo for the puppies so let's give baby wrong dish you know kalpen feel at home that'll fill it up [Music] that's what you two goofballs used to do yeah I love sleeping in loafie Bob Zollo for shoe it was the comfiest cozies not really what kind of toys do little puppies like okay first of all you're still puppies really when we were littler puppies did that much when we were puppies here still puppies the baby will like it then you're back on the base we did what is it well you still look pretty little to me still look pretty little to me you guys have fun keeping baby company while I'm at work okay yeah we're gonna take good care of you play with our toys [Music] [Music] [Music]

cleaning up messes makes our Pappy yeah let's eat baby some puppy tricks hey wait oh sit sit on your bottom I throw the stick and Rolly brings it back [Music] [Music] babies can't believe it cuz it happened UAG yeah but I can't see you through all the doggy slobber smeared on my window she ran off that way that's the same direction as her house wonder where she's going Rowley I think I figured it out thanks kg you're welcome taking somebody wipe off the window I knew it she didn't want mr. Mouse [Music] we're still a little bit little then get this game there's room for Jamar you're on baby wow the puppy really tuckered you out huh looks like you guys ended up being great puppy sinners you guys think this is fun wait until you see the rest of the patch oh that's right bow to the wow that's a whole lot of pumpkins let's go [Music] now for miles

let's make it a good be smile [Music] think I need some Rollie power you don't have to ask me twice I'm pretty proud of him I added a few spooky touches to farmer Dale scarecrow here I'm Charlie not spooky at all how would it do hmm well not spooky no I call it totally Halloween silly why do you want a scary scarecrow anyway as the official unofficial pumpkin patch you should call them silly crews we better go see you later charlie [Music] careful there buzz let these goons down let go you have your collar with you at the pumpkin patch do you see it anywhere you love that collar I know hey maybe since you were racing all around the pumpkin patch you lost it there [Music] it's pretty cool huh yeah but it says a little darker here than I thought it would be it's okay I see oh this way who knew a pumpkin patch would have so many spooky yep those are just a barrel of laughs you know what how about you go look in there and I go look somewhere less mazie and more well-lit no color

but hey we found a way in the maze this time high fall thanks Rollie wait Rollie we didn't find out where the maze early we're only powered our way out I'm pretty sure we made our way out of the maze somewhere around here hey there fellas hey Charlie Lucy needs us [Music] Thank You Sookie monster wait a minute you see the spooky monster that's one of the silly scarecrows this is mine that explains why I've suddenly found a really cool collar on the ground by the maze after you left sorry I didn't realize it was yours right this scarecrow is silly well then as the official unofficial CRO of this pumpkin patch I've decided it's now my duty to up the filly factor Oh No too much be patient guys we look great I'm gonna put them outside for people to see [Laughter] [Music] Halloween great year's pumpkin combined [Laughter] it's supposed to be like this whatever we do Rufus hey cupcake Tim Rufus why do you have to stay away from the far end of the park tonight

every Halloween there's a spooky wookie ghost called the haunted howler that haunts the haunted house' wants everybody to stay away Feli howls like this it's supposed to sound more like a come on Rufus let's go don't worry Roley cupcake just made that story up let's see if they need any help [Music] and when we hung it outside to dry the wind blew it away without my costume you can be half robot it does seem like a cool costume oh I'm sorry you lost it Chloe all righty guys I'm gonna take a little nap before the trick-or-treaters start coming so Halloween is ruined no trick-or-treating that's sad [Music] just like lorry was going to be a wait what was Chloe gonna be okay Gina really Roly something Chloe beat explores costume it kind of looks like mine look a roomy O'Lantern Rolly so flowy so flowy that's gotta be close costume then let's get it down you know what this calls for [Music] landing there's nothing ghost and

cupcake story you know it's our mission to get Chloe your costume bet and that's what we're gonna do right really [Music] how logos from your story over there the far end of the park that's where the costume went so that's what we have to go boys costume it does kinda starting don't worry I have an idea [Music] Pookie ghosts and a cool robot has a happy Halloween [Laughter] [Music] Oh how movie probably holding min stomach it's not my paw that's your paw is oh what is it Bob hey where's the doggy go oh my computer oh darn it's broken but at least I can look forward to seeing you two when I get home from work enjoy your nap hissy Roly did you hear what he said Bob needs a pot of gold to fix his computer and we can find one at the end of the rainbow that's just a legend what is that at the end of every rainbow there's a pot of gold let's go find the pot of gold at the end of that it looks like the rain balloons behind

that Factory but we know someone who does oh sure I know that Factory I collect stuff other people throw away and when this friend of mine found plans for that place in the trash see that ditch right there you want to crawl through that to the front door then when you're inside the factory you're gonna ride this conveyer belt through the Assembly Room stay out of trouble and that pot of gold will be yours don't worry Bulworth nothing's gonna trip us up hello these the water's getting deeper or my legs getting shorter stay down I want to take a peek and see without guard dogs yeah and there's the front door so come on then next whoops here we come [Music] we're said this next one was called the wrapping these bubbles are wrapped around us so tight we can't walk and we're in trouble pop these bubbles on the doggy I'm Tony we did it Rollie we did it yeah I just wish there was more bubble wrap for us to pop coz I could play with that stuff all day well then we're just gonna have

to pop down a hallway without going pop pop pop pop you'll have to walk between the bubbles [Music] okay your turn and now that we're in the back we should be able to see the rainbow in the pot of gold well you back you dogs other than me aren't allowed back here [Music] mine too your friend a boy I am well although that guy collects stuff that's being thrown away so when I found the plans for this Factory in the trash that gold home for Bob take whatever you want it's all gonna be throwed out anyway hey I should give something worth and a pot of gold even though there wasn't a pot but that was nothing but gold wait a minute you mean there actually was something there must have fallen out of my computer this morning but I didn't see it haha it works but you know what there aren't any dogs who are more special than you [Music]