12 March 2019

Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets Series 4 Blind Bag Breaks

New series 4 blind bags from Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets.

alright guys we're gonna break into the

puppy dog house Travel pet series for toys and then I got a couple PJ masks and one left of the series three and its serial number ending in D so I haven't seen too many DS around so hopefully it's something that she doesn't have yet anyway so I'm gonna get into this this guy open first now she's only two so I open up the packages for her and then anything she doesn't already have I'll put on ebay so keep on the lookout if there's something you're looking for but maybe you don't have so translucent Kia we have a Kia already so that one will be on eBay and then a pissy with the yarn ball so that will also do an eBay she has both of those couple for that and then listen just for 250 each one of these boxes cost about five bucks so I will post those tonight all right series for travel pets this is a box ending in B so it's a yellow purple door ending in B most of them are about the same so we got a licking paw Hisi put that in the box for so keep that one and a got what his name is kg I believe kg the hamster series for got a new list of characters so the new rare is Rover and then the golden Rollie of course which I cannot find

and then new list of characters there's Roli right there or kg not kidding that Rolly kg and there's Pengy Sidney a few new new characters along with hissy bingo and Rolly just in different positions so all right so those are two she does not have so go ahead then put that to the side open later this is also this one's a ending in C so let's see what's in the C box and again anything I don't anything I get doubles up I'll put it on eBay I'll put my eBay name in a minute so that is a Roley which one is that let's get a little blue shirt on it's a tackle Rolly tackle Rolly and it tackle bingo I believe yep so they both came in this in the bag together put those over to the side so nice and b and c that's a B that's a see here's a D so here's the de box see what we got in this one all right it looks like you may have a little Sudan okay so I got a Jonathan Jonathan Berg she's got one of those so that'll be on the eBay and then the other one is this guy here secret agent bingo came in that box over there another B box another B box so I'm gonna open up one more B in one more seed just to see what's inside make sure

that they match up it'd be the same yep there's a kg and a licking paw Tessie so those will be on eBay 250 is what the starting bid will be so more than likely all those will be then end up being the same serial number all right here's an a a box with the red door let's see doors gone all right who do we got it is Roley tackle Roley along with a new character Sydney so Sydney is in that bag there so we'll be keeping that one I think I already got a tackle roll so if not I do now and again that was in the a box here's a D box this one's a D crack it open oh we got a rare character along with with this it is a Roley just trying to figure out which one scratching all right so I got it scratching Rolly and it's kind of see him there as well as oh no no okay I had him upside down I thought it was Rover but it's really just bingo naptime bingo or nope yeah naptime bingo pillow threw me off on his back thought it was that it was Rover nap time bingo right here's an a box a box and as a Sydney so that'll be on eBay as well as a tackle Roley so

sounds like he's been in a couple of them I already opened the neck that's why here's a be in a seat so I do ever be when I see open series for were not easy to find I went to quite a few stores to find any in the B box we got another nap time Raleigh as well as a Kia running I believe is what she was called it's a new Kia she's non translucent yeah running Kia this one so there's a running key in that box so keep that naptime roll you'll be on the bay my user name is Robbie rut ro baby why are you T so you can search for me on there if you want to buy them combined shipping all right this guy's got a little oh it's Pengy little baby penguin that's a good one new character as well as another different Kia feeling pink Kia so let's see what we got here there's Pengy right there he's a little small two-year-old that might be a little a little too small for her to hang to have right now so I'll give it to her but more than likely gonna stay in the box and then here all right guys thanks for watching like subscribe if you liked it

check out my eBay Robbie rut I will have any duplicates if I got today listed starting at 250 apiece and yeah go from there thanks guys