08 November 2018

Puppy Packs: Pet Care Pro Show, Ep. 11

Getting a puppy is exciting and preparing them for their new home is essential for a smooth transition. That's where puppy packs come in to play. Puppy packs ...

SHELLEY: Is there something you should add to your puppy pack to make it even better?

On this episode of the Pet Care Pro Show we are sharing the top ten ideas we’ve heard from customers on puppy pack must-haves. And we will tell you why one of these can be quite handy! This is Helen and she is a Revival Pet Care Pro. Every day she answers pet health questions from customers getting puppies ready for their new forever homes. So, Helen let’s jump right in with item number 10. Our breeders often send some food and even water with pups. Why is that? HELEN: Moving to a new home is a big adjustment. It can really help to send along a one-week supply of the food, water or healthy treats you’ve been giving. I include water in this list because water tastes different by location. If you made gruel using milk replacer when weaning the puppies, sending some of that milk replacer powder can also help in the transition since it is a taste that will be familiar to them. Many of our customers really like Breeder’s Edge Foster Care milk replacer to use during weaning since it can also help with diarrhea issues. SHELLEY: Great! Moving to number nine on our puppy pack list is a high calorie supplement. Why is that so important? HELEN: Well Shelley, sometimes puppies don’t eat well the first few days in a new home, so you want to make sure they get the calories they need, even if they aren’t eating. A high calorie supplement such as Doc Roy’s Forti Cal Gel supplies the extra calories they miss if they go off food for a day or so. I always suggest that breeders start giving the puppy or kitten Forti Cal gel or liquid a week or two prior to going to a new home. That way they will already be familiar with the taste. SHELLEY: Number eight on our list of puppy pack items is a familiar blanket or toy. HELEN: Yes, sending along a familiar toy or blanket is helpful for comforting the puppy.

Just like small children, puppies are comforted by something they are familiar with. It’s also a good idea to have these items around the puppy’s mom for a bit, so they have her scent on them. I also find a lot of my customers send a Nylabone home with the new family. It quickly becomes a favorite chew toy for most puppies! SHELLEY: Great tip! Moving on to number seven on our list, we have those first-time puppy owner essentials. Such as leashes and collars. HELEN: Exactly. First time puppy owners may not have all the supplies they will need right away. So, some puppy starter kits include leashes and collars that are the appropriate sizes for the puppy and adjustable so they can continue to use it as the puppy grows. In addition, some customers send foldable food and water bowls or a small stainless steel bowl in their puppy packs as a useful gift. SHELLEY: The new family will truly appreciate the number six item on our list. Why? Because it helps support a smooth transition to the new home. HELEN: That’s right! Moving to a new home is stressful for the puppy, and often times stress can lead to diarrhea. That’s why many of our customers include Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics Gel in their puppy packs. This is a probiotic and prebiotic gel that helps minimize the potential for diarrhea. SHELLEY: That’s great! You want the puppy having fun with his new family. Not feeling sick. Let’s keep moving to number 5 on our list. A calcium supplement to help a fast-growing puppy. HELEN: Yes, puppies don’t stay small very long, so make sure his new family knows what they need to help a fast-growing pup.

A supplement like Doc Roy’s Healthy Bones helps provide the calcium he needs to grow strong and healthy. SHELLEY: The number four item on our list is a thoughtful and encouraging note to the puppy’s new family. HELEN: Absolutely. Adding a new puppy to the family is an adjustment for everyone, so including a note stating why you know they’ll be a great family for this puppy is an excellent way to give the new family a little boost of encouragement that they can do this! SHELLEY: What a great idea! Number three on our list is paperwork. That doesn’t sound very exciting, but it is so important! HELEN: It really is. Vaccination and deworming records, any sort of guarantee you offer along with your contact information, registration papers and a health schedule are all essential paperwork items to include. The Revival Health Records are a great way to keep all this information in one place. SHELLEY: Yes, very helpful for sure! And along those lines, don’t forget about microchip info and instructions on how to register the microchip. That is number two on our puppy pack list because we find this is something many new owners don’t realize they need to do. HELEN: Yes, many new families don’t realize or don’t know how to register the puppy’s microchip. If you’ve taken the time to microchip the dog, but the new family doesn’t register it, it makes it harder to return him home if he becomes lost. So, make sure they are aware of exactly how to register the puppy’s microchip. SHELLEY: It’s now time for our number one Puppy Pack must-have and that is helpful information on what to expect with a new puppy in the house. HELEN: Yes, when a family comes to pick up their new puppy, they are excited and more often than not, won’t remember everything you tell them.

That’s why it’s helpful to write down instructions and information on housetraining, chewing and other common puppy behaviors they will encounter. The My Puppy Guide is a great resource to include in a puppy pack along with other breed-specific handouts. And rather than sending home lots of papers, many of our customers have gone digital. Put all the information on a flash drive to give to the new family instead of sending a stack of papers. SHELLEY: Using a flash drive is really a great idea! That way the new family doesn’t have to sort through stacks of paper! Well, we’ve made it through our list. Is there something you include in your puppy starter kit that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear about it, leave us a comment below to share with the Revival community. I know Helen and our other Pet Care Pros are always happy to help answer questions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.786.4751. I’m Shelley with the Revival Education Team, this is Helen, one of our Pet Care Pros. Thanks so much for joining us on this puppy pack episode of the Pet Care Pro Show!