28 November 2017

Puppy's first Time on Subway | NYC Service Dog Training

Puppy's first Time on Subway | NYC Service Dog Training Finn is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com.

putting fit on the train on the subway

for the first time now before I take a dog on the train I always let him go to the bathroom so we're gonna walk over here and get Finn the hurry hurry command hurry hurry Finn hurry hurry take a pee-pee Finn hurry hurry and of course he pees because he's a good boy it's less than 30 seconds we'll go into the Train you ready Finn let's go to the Train okay Finn almost called himself called me Finn that was weird doing a nice heel but when we get in the subway but it'll be a problem that's the point where all dogs make mistakes they bark bark one spider just don't listen excitement so it's it's really important that you know you go over everything with your dog and it's excited areas is you telling the dog no get it healed [Music] four months old is great yes he's awesome he's awesome on a god no heel [Applause] [Applause] [Music] it's doing much better than the first

time we came in here we're gonna take the train to the Broadway station so that he can experience your real busy she's happy about the whole thing and we'll stay down on this end here he'll sit and the reason for that is by the time that it gets this and the train is slower still there's less sound it's not as overwhelming quite fent vocalization that means he's excited it's ok a relatively quiet dog Ben no sit that's good boy because whoo I can see the headlights of the train now when you do this you should probably leash flex with the dog is that as the train comes in and leash flexing is an up and down motion like this reminding the dog that you're here and you're in charge it's not a correction you're not at a Chino or any negativity you're just going in an up and down motion like that sort of has a calming effect and that's what we want okay we can take the M train I believe we'll take that to Broadway junction it's good it's all new for this guys like I said he's four months old very young dog not bad

[Music] thank you some jerk-off is whistling to her stupid kid you tend to be distracted [Music] man and some trace those pencils okay pictures great [Music] you'll save your club pretty fucking good good job Finney sit [Music] before sit idiot kid bothering us on the train coming in where do I get a shot-caller online where online I just say it like five times as if he would know how to use it properly or have the money to buy it you know get away from us kid no time like the president to work little fanny lets him pick up the keys good job the hottie wanted to pet her her to him I said no he's being trained [Music] sound like Weinstein more then [Music] [Music]

good yeah over here sit went down if you pick up keys in the trees you better No it's good good job [Music] all right no hole you got it good job technical for the dog did he dropped it a couple of times I was also throwing them in front of an open door a lot of people walking around you drop it and then pick it up it becomes I bend it down [Music] computing at least the hottie ass so he did pretty good you know I don't know what do I rate a minute I don't know about a 90 well considering that he's four months old we'll get my under seriously he gets up under its fanny he did this better than most dogs you know at eight that are eight months old maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but he did really good he'll [Music] monkey in the head the hot girl was really sort of shocked but I said no you

can't pet the puppy I bet nobody ever tells her no ever you know what I'm saying oh I want that sports car okay fucking little girl seriously Vincent look at that little Coon it's like a little midget been down