10 January 2019

Purina Pet Care Program Instrucional Training Video

Purina Pet Care Program Instrucional Training Video.


[Music] I'm sorry via my friends and I are at the Purina petcare Center the world's largest single facility devoted exclusively to dog and cat nutrition studies and care Fletcher sit good boy no one knows pets like Purina and no one works harder to help them live longer healthier lives owning a pet brings many rewards but those rewards come with certain responsibilities and return for all the love and joy your pet gives to you you must give him or her what they need a good home lots of love and care and the training to become a well behaved companion the Purina pets for people program has prepared this video to help you welcome this new addition to your home whether you've adopted a youngster or an adult pet each needs guidance and consistency throughout this video will show that no matter what age your pet is it's never too late to start training if you follow the suggestions on this tape and take the time to practice and learn to be a good owner you and your pet can share a lifetime of love your pet will enjoy communicating with you and receiving your praise and love in

return we'll cover a variety of important topics getting ready for your dog pet necessities crate training housebreaking problem-solving and obedience training so let's get started at Purina we take a positive approach to raising and training pets taking some time now to understand your dog's natural instincts will benefit you greatly for years to come dogs are lively and curious which can lead them into trouble unless you take preventive measures pick up nails or other sharp objects clean up antifreeze from the garage floor its sweet taste attracts dogs and sampling it can be fatal some common plants are poisonous to dogs dieffenbachia azalea philodendron and the you bush are among the most dangerous ask your veterinarian or consult a dog information book for a complete list chocolate is also toxic to dogs so you must never leave chocolate out to tempt him there are a few items you'll need to purchase for your dog for training and walking you'll need a six-foot leash and a soft adjustable collar for your dog's safety he must wear an ID tag at all times

so he can be returned to you if he gets lost if you have other pets introduce them to your new dog with care and caution don't live them together until you're sure they are friends show your other pet extra love and affection so that he won't be jealous of the newcomer dogs feel secure in small enclosed spaces like a dead dog crates make excellent does the current will become his Haven a safe place to stay when you're aware or when you cannot watch him the crate is also instrumental in housebreaking which we'll cover a little later purchase a crate that is appropriate for your dog's size it should be just big enough for your dog to stand up turn around and lie down since he is adopted your dog may have lived in other homes the den and training you provide will give him the guidance he needs to feel secure in his new home it may take 2 to 4 weeks before he totally adjusts you can help him feel part of your activity by setting his crate in the kitchen or other high-traffic area we at Purina encourage crate training here's how to teach your dog to use his crate when you bring your dog home show him the crate

place a couple of safe chew toys inside have non-typical food and water dishes nearby lewis kennel to get your dog acquainted with his crate toss one kibble of Purina puppy chow bran puppy food or Purina Dog Chow brand dog food into the crate and say kennel shut the door for a moment repeat five to ten times praise him using his name practice this several times each time increasing the length of time the door is closed housebreaking your dog or puppy isn't very difficult if you are fair consistent and follow a few basic rules the crate is an excellent tool for housebreaking because it is your dog's den his instincts will tell him to never soil where he sleeps or eats but you must be fair to your dog never put food or water inside his crate because it will have no place to eliminate after a meal more noise the first one up in the morning should take the dog out of his crate put him on a leash and immediately take him outside establish a designated area where you want him to relieve himself encourage your dog with a command like go potty or hurry do this at the same time every day always return to this

spot and your dog will soon recognize and understand that this spot is the best place for him to eliminate and soon he'll associate eliminating with your command once he has done his duty praise Him even well-behaved dogs sometimes make mistakes if your dog has an accident there may be a reason don't give your dog water less than three hours before bedtime set a regular feeding schedule that coincides with a regular trip outside for elimination if there is an accident don't rub his nose in it or hit him he won't remember his mistake only correct him when you catch him in the act use a pet odor neutralizer to remove all odors so your dog won't be tempted to repeat his mistake excessive wedding often occurs in excitable dogs who are housebroken it might be due to a fear of being harshly scolded a dog might wet if overly excited or if it becomes extremely nervous this behavior is referred to as submissive urination he may wet when greeted greet him calmly outdoors whenever possible exercise your dog and

limit his water intake review his routine have you taken the dog outside to eliminate often enough and don't overlook the possibility that the dog might have a medical problem consult your veterinarian barking is the dogs method of communication like when someone comes to your door or if he wants to play but sometimes they bark too much you can control excessive walking by understanding the cause when you leave your newly adopted dog alone don't make a scene or your dog will bark for attention say affirm no and you might leave a radio on for him to be comforted by human voices excessive barking may also be caused by a lack of exercise and the need to release energy constant confinement it is crate is unfair and will cause him to bark or whine thunder fireworks and car horns may also cause your dog to bark in this case comfort him distract him with a command like sit or heel and he should grow less fearful of these sounds you can train your dog to stop excessive barking say quiet in a low voice then praise him when he obeys if your dog continues to bark clip a leash to

his collar say quiet pop the leash forward to get his attention when he looks at you praise him tell him to sit help him into the sitting position offer him a treat repeat this practice session as necessary biting and chewing our challenges owners sometimes face with their dogs but dogs need some chewing it's one way they relieve stress and excess energy if your dog chews excessively or bites it may be that the dog has been confined too long and isn't getting enough exercise avoid games like tug-of-war or rough play because those games will encourage mouthing biting and aggressive behaviors when you catch your dog chewing on something that is off-limits say no or in a low voice then give your dog a safe chew toy when the dog chews on an appropriate toy let him know you approve digging is a very frustrating problem for pet owners dogs instinctively want a dig but you might also look for potential causes to escape the heat dogs will dig a hole in which to keep cool many dogs dig out of frustration or boredom he may need more attention or more playtime dogs like to bury their treasure like a bone and of

course they'll want to dig it up again later when you catch him digging say no and distract him with play or exercise when you begin training keep sessions short only 5 to 15 minutes per day when your dog has successfully completed a command praise him and show your approval one way to communicate was to award health I prefer to use one Kimball of food like puppy chow brand puppy food or dog chow brand dog food chip training sessions positive by starting and ending each session with playtime in addition to practicing with your dog at home I recommend obedience classes so professional trainer can help the first command to teach is sit to teach sit say your dog's name and sit then help your dog into the sitting position as soon as he sits reward with one treat or one kibble of food and praise sit is a very useful command when your dog is sitting he can't jump on people or furniture or anything else that's off-limits the sit command is used to discourage jumping up for attention the next command come is a moving command before any moving command use your dog's name and be enthusiastic for the command come clip a long leash

to his collar show your dog you have a kibble or toy and start walking away kneel so you are less of a threat encourage him to come to you when the dog comes to you give him the kibble and reward him enthusiastically while training the command come never use a harsh tone your dog may associate the command with getting scolded if your dog doesn't respond to your command quickly really men with the leash praising him all the way when the dog jumps on you lean forward and nudge him off with your knee as you say his name and off tell him to sit and when he does praise him when you were teaching the off command do not tell your dog down because this is a separate obedience command to teach your dog not to jump on other people or on furniture put him in a situation in which jumping is likely to happen clip a leash to his collar when he jumps tugged the leash back while saying off tell him to sit when he does praise Him if your dog jumps look for some potential causes your dog will be excited to see you and he will want to jump on you never pet your dog when he has jumped on you you'll be rewarding

bad behavior if you teach your dog to jump during playtime he may want to jump in other situations work with your dog until he understands the difference in the situation's the heel command is to be used when walking your dog for exercise this is not a time for elimination remember your dog should eliminate in his designated spot to teach the command he'll start your dog in the sitting position as you tell him to he'll pop the leash forward and begin walking with your dog on your left side show him a treat to motivate his right shoulder should be in a line with your left hip if he tries to forge ahead say your dog's name pop the leash backward and say heel when the dog follows you as you direct and is in position give him a kibble lots of prey the down command is similar to the sit command start with your dog in the sitting position say the command down if he's resistant you may have to pull his front legs out and help him into position by pushing him on to his hip so he can't get up easily keep your praise to a minimum where he may be tempted to jump up to train your dog to stay in one

spot state the command stay then take a few steps backward if your dog follows you show him your open palm the hand signal for stay place him back into position and repeat the command stay as you practice tell him it's good to stay once your dog knows the down command and the stay command you should teach a combination down stay command now you know that showing your new friend that you love him means much more than a pet or a cuddle it also means taking the time to be a responsible pet owner one of your new responsibilities is to begin a regular program of veterinary care to help keep your pet healthy and disease-free you will also want to spay or neuter your pet as wonderful as dogs and cats are there are simply millions more of them than there are families willing to care for them if your pet is not already neutered consult your veterinarian I recommend that you review this video a number of times be firm fair and consistent with your pet thank you for participating in the fury 'no pets for people program adopting your pet has rescued him from the plight

of millions of other abandoned and homeless dogs and cats every time you buy a Purina product you help to your purchase help support the Purina donation up to 1 million dollars annually nationwide to keep the Purina pets for people program alive and well [Music] [Applause] together we can help you