10 September 2019

Push - Teaching Your Dog to Close Doors and Drawers for Service Dogs and Pet Dogs

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in this video we're going to teach your

dog the push cue the push is used to be able to close doors drawers and cabinets in your home it can be used both as a service dog task or as part of another trick such as getting a beer from the fridge before teaching this behavior it's helpful if your dog has a good understanding of the hand target where you can hold your hand in multiple locations and ask your dog to touch your hand you will also need a few pieces of equipment you will need some painters tape as well as a dowel or stick note that we're going to teach your dog to push things close with their nose and not their foot if you teach this with their foot it's very easy for them to cause damage to your cabinets and doors so we're really gonna be selecting for using their nose to close drawers doors and cabinets the first thing we need to do to get started with this behavior is to create our target stick we're going to take that dowel and create a square of painters tape at one end of the target stick this is going to be helpful as we teach the dog that we can target anything with their nose it also takes the target away from our hands so that they're not focused on our

hands but instead on something that's away from us because we need to teach them to send out and close something from whatever distance we need them to do that the next step is to shape a touching of the target stick so we're going to talk about the target stick and shape it just like we would a hand target where we're going to click and reward for successive approximations of touching the target we want them to be able to successfully touch the target in many different locations so we're going to start in one location and then work up to being able to touch the target stick wherever we put it once they have a solid understanding of touching the target stick we're going to start locating that target right in front of a drawer or a door so that they can practice touching the stick and making contact with the object behind it it's important to note that in this video I'm actually showing you my dog that's a lot more touch-sensitive so she doesn't naturally want to push objects with her nose but I wanted you to see with that that looks like with a more touch sensitive or emotionally sensitive dog instead of my dog that's a real

tough pusher so you can see what it looks like to build up confidence around this type of behavior next you're going to put a square of your painters tape on the actual door or drawer that you're working with it should look exactly the same size and shape as the target that's on your actual stick you want to pick a drawer or a drawer that's going to be easy for them to push and perhaps not make too loud of a sound when the drawer closes once you have this piece of tape on the object that you're looking to close you're going to hold the opposite end of that target stick so the the side of the target stick that does not have the target on it up to that piece of painters tape that's on the drawer so it looks very similar to as if they were touching your target stick but now you're just showing them the location of a target on an object once the dog is proficient and pushing on that object without the flag actually being on your stick but on the actual drawer you're going to take your stick away and no longer use that prompt of the stick being put next to the target as the way to cue the dog you're just going to shape pushing that drawer is going to

get you a click and reward at first you're going to click for just touching that drawer door especially Shahzad that may be a little bit more sensitive to pushing then you're going to select for actually closing that cabinet or door you're going to want to take that cabinet or drawer out only an inch for being close because you want the dog to be successful on that push so you're going to open it an inch your dog is going to push it closed and you're gonna click for the closing and reward once the dog is successfully closing the door each time you're going to start incrementally increasing the distance they would have to push the drawer door closed to be able to shut it so you're gonna start with one inch and then you're gonna move to two and three and so on until you can open the drawer or drawer fully and your dog will push all the way in until it closes remember we're clicking for the close because that's ultimately what we want our dog to do once they are fully closing the drawer each time you open it it's time to add a cue so if you're opening the door they push it right close and then you open and they push it

right click close you're in a loop so that means it's time to add the cue so right before they go to push that drawer you're going to call it you're gonna say push their nose makes contact with it closes click the reward so again you're going to add it once they're successfully closing the drawer drawer and this should be the same drawer door that you've been working with every single time you're gonna say push they put their shows to it they close it you click and reward the next step is to feed the physical target that you're using that piece of painters tape on the drawer so once they understand the push cue and you can say push and they'll go and push the door shut we're now going to make that painters tape section smaller and smaller so we can eliminate it completely from the equation push the final step is to generalize the behavior so once you have one drawer in your house that your dog can successfully close when you tell them to push it closed and they push it all the way in until completion it's time to generalize when we generalize we want to

go back to the beginning on each successive drawer that we start so that they really understand the behavior so I'm going to move to a similar-looking cabinet so say I'm in my kitchen and we've been doing once the specific cabinet we're gonna move on to a different cabinet that looks the same in the kitchen and I'm gonna start from the beginning I'm gonna use my target stick to show them where to close it then I'm going to move to my painters safe and then I'm going to eliminate the painters tape I'm going to do that with a couple cabinets and drawers so they start to understand that they can close anything [Applause] once they're very excited about pushing close your cabinets and your drawers you can also move on to using this behavior for other things such as closing a fridge door or closing your laundry drawer as part of another service dog tasks such as doing the laundry or retrieving a water bottle for you this task is incredibly useful especially if you have limited mobility or hand function once your dog is successfully closing drawers and doors

around your house you can now up the distraction and the distance that you're asking them to do the closure from if you've been doing it from only a foot away can you do it from two feet three feet how it across the room start challenging your dog because they tend to really enjoy this task and make it really fun for them get creative with this task and generalize to lots of different things such as closing a mailbox there's so many uses for this specific push queue that you can use for both service dog tasks and tricks so get started have fun with it and happy training alright guys if you like this video definitely give us a thumbs up and click that subscribe button below with the little belt when you hit that bell you'll be notified any time we come out with a new training video for you to watch [Music] you