27 June 2017

Rabbit Care and Maintenance!

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Remo and learning a bit more about bunny care! I'll try to make more videos of fluffy things in the future Social Media: Twitter- ...


every welcome back today I have a special guest me mother rabbit I character on town fun pet-sitting my mom's rabbit he's a jersey bully and also our dog carrion Hagrid there's going to be a separate video about them so you'll get to meet them as well so that I remember with me I thought I would talk a little bit about bunnies and show you just how to do their cage and everything how am i long has a cage setup isn't necessarily like the right or wrong way to do it it's just a way to do it it is kind of higher maintenance it does require cleaning every day but it actually is the most cost effective for us so that's what she does Remo was a little early but he loves to cuddle as I says is Jersey wooly my mom got him several months ago now he's about a year old from a pet store and if he hadn't been bought he was been made into evil food which several life that's okay but we love me more when we don't want him to be eaten by equal they can't get too hot so you have to be careful especially in the summer I'd say like 75 degrees maybe 80 is safe for them but especially since we have such thick fur it's not a good idea when you get to Hawks they can

get heatstroke when handling a rabbit you want to make sure you have their back leg support is why don't you do that they're going to feel pretty big safe but it's more fun if you just snuggle all the way up table let's get into cleaning or Emo's cage and learning about all that this is very much cage it's made by living world it's pretty standard we'll get it into specifics once we start cleaning but as long as you're getting your bunny on giving them regular exercise this is plenty big if not you can make and buy really big hutches but primo gets lots of exercise we love them we love playing with them let's start cleaning the cage has a nice big open up top as you can see it's really gross and this was just after one day of Remo there is a kind of ramp you can put out but he likes to just jump up and then we have his food bolts and some treats and water all right so we have food dish has some old veggies in a bag I don't think he wants anymore so I'm just going to go ahead and dump all this one and what's really neat about this setup is the bowl has a little place to go on the side there so you can't like flip the bowl over

anything just sits on there which i think is pretty neat right now we're going to get all of his toys and pull out of here so we can clean this it's the only kind of gross part and that is getting all of the soiled newspaper out of here you can use like different settings and stuff you'll find for sale at the pet store but this is just what's easier for us and the most affordable but it is why we have to clean the cage daily instead just bot cleaning and changing litter once a week once we have al the way I use this little dustpan scooper thing to scoop up the rest of the poop in any like shredded bits that he chews on these all these super useful newspaper ads and stuff that we get to line this cage so we just kind of lay it out and usually do two or three layers deep just so the P doesn't immediately soak through is actually kind of fun to do is like a little puzzle like deciding how things are going to fit together next week and put his toys back in you always move them up here but I put them down there anyway so you have something to do we have a through bolt there and his food I'm not sure what kind my mom's

bind him but you really will make sure that it's mostly just pellets and doesn't have a bunch of extra stuff in it because they will end up just picking the other stuff out and not being the pellet size most nutritious part thing goes for pretty much any other small mammals pet hamsters chinchilla and that kind of thing Remo also likes this crinkly brown paper I don't know what it is or where it comes from but he likes me he likes to play with it so we just kind of put it in there for him to tear up and then one of the most important things is making sure he has hey this is Glee canopy hey so I like to get him a good little handful or so and put that right on top of his food I need to get my mom any little trade to put it in but for now that's okay she give Remo a different vegetable everybody to snack on today is a carrot which I know is very stereotypical but he really likes so he goes through about one a day when we give them to him he also kind of like spinach did not like broccoli did not like potatoes but we just kind of give him whatever but before he gets it I watched all it took Remo outside so you could have some playtime it's not too

hot so he's fine he has a little harness and leash but you can't see it because it's black and he is black it's really cute rabbits are a long-term pets they're not like hamster to die actor in four years or something so you have to be prepared to take care of them and have a long-term well bunny buddy others are not the only real care things you have to consider are if they're long-haired like this you need to brush them so they don't get matted and be sure you get any little poops that get stuck in there for out and then for any rabbit you have to trim their nails which you can't probably see is because they're black and he's all black thank you so much for watching if you want to follow me on social media I have snapchat Twitter Instagram and all of those will be closed down below my little usernames feel free to comment on my video any questions or general comments whatever you want I'll reply to them please subscribe and like the video if you haven't already and we'll see you next time goodbye [Music]