01 October 2010

Rabbit Mites - Calculate Revolution Dosage for Rabbit Mites

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hey guys it's over here from rabbits for

pets and in this quick video I want to talk to you about treatment of rabbit mites and using revolution flea treatment in it now don't be tempted to use any other brand revolution has the correct ingredients that are safe for your rabbits other brands such as frontline have a completely different chemical and it's very toxic to your bunny so make sure you always stick with revolution but anyway at rabbits for pets calm I've got a little chart that will show you exactly how much revolution you need for your rabbits so if we do an example here and say that we have a rabbit so your ever is five and a half pounds then what you do is because that's that's the first thing you need to notice how what the way to Rivet us the second thing you need to know is on the back of the packet you'll either see that your packets either whoops wonky via your packet is either going to be a hundred and twenty milligrams per milliliter or 60 gram milligrams per milliliter so that you need it's the concentration of the active ingredients so you need to know that you need to know the concentration of the active ingredient and once you know that so

that so you know that say your rabbit here let's have a look as 5.5 pounds which has two and a half kilos and it's a your concentration is 120 milligrams per milliliter then the dose that you need to give of Revelation revolution sorry is here so it's 0.125 and there is 0.125 milliliters or cubic centimeters so then you get your dose and a one milliliter is equal to one cubic centimeter so that point one two five is 0.125 of a milliliter of a mil so that's effectively one eighth of a mil so you can see how tiny the dosages are so if you want to have a look at this chart seen visit rabbits for pets track on the link OB and the just below video and just make sure as I say always use revolution brain don't use any other kind of any kind of other flea treatment rabbits for pets calm is dedicated to giving you the best pet rabbit cure advice on the niche make sure when you're there that you sign up for your free pitt rabbit care secrets mini course this is every from rabbits for pets calm and we'll catch you later you so don't delay get over two votes for

pits calmly now and put on your first name your email a Penny's name and I'd love to hear from you I really love helping people out with you with your bunny and I really hope that you come over the year and join up