29 January 2017

Random Blind Bag Box Episode #200 - Cactus Pets, Minecraft, Moofia, Num Noms, Tsum Tsum

We have finally reach our 200th episode of the Random Blind Bag Box! Jenna is here to help me open 20 random blind bags! Which ones will we open today?

hey guys I'm here with Jenna hey I

brought her because today is a special day we are doing our 200th episode of the blind bags Washington thank you Andrew wo you're really gone just hi-ho so I was thinking we could take 20 blind bags to open today's that sounds good done yeah I think everybody will be happy with that so Jenna is going to help us out cake but as a reward for being here I want her to cheat a little and pick some of the ones that she wants as well so we'll pick these five good for cheating Jenna and then you just fly it ran away click the rest okay alright go ahead and she's been cheating ow I really want to open this little good choice it's like the Knicks tune and love you you little cactus pet and this one oh love it yeah the tables in lab it run in Minecraft oh yeah there's nothing to do yeah series 2 never seen up for Mazel all right now you have to randomly pick everything out by the way this was either new ish I don't their cafe D meow so we'll see your heads about but go ahead close your eyes and pick don't be afraid to go down the bottom up we got it now non-serious - oh we got a mafia series -

crowd to taste something that felt like something you just pick oh you had a num noms light sweet is this unrestricted no this on a hub this is like little hubs that hang on stuff oh the big hero six a girl key rings I still want most heat jungle in my pocket like my pockets so awesome go down to the bottom Oh even open those in a while ah so fair all right go ahead gentle Japan helping my Papa talk about series 6 the newest carry to Z there is one to this series one not series one two ugly no they're not even in existence anymore right five more I guess they're non-existent no they cleaning some out and now they don't make them anymore so sad because ever quality toys oh oh wait do we get that series one throw we could open that one up okay it's amazing I would take ahead like all different ones over to you so she is a DC Comics come on I get things that feels this right see if you can find like a big boxing be buddy doesn't agree that's cool if you really feel big boss the feeling there's some mystery minis in there somewhere something we haven't picked any of those real kind of maybe they're along the

surface I don't know Oh Monster High mini cool alright we need one more right just one more one more take a good one there's a stick a really good one oh the tension this one's the Winnie the Pooh and Friends series one all right guys let's go ahead and mean Jen are going to open these for you guys and see who's on inside each one hey not fair a Howard and do this but I guess I'll open one and then you open one and you keep going so we have the puppy on a cocky series six it's all the things there's a lot of cute ones in here let's see if you can oh my god this is one of our last time created okay oh he's adorable this is the one that one it's really cool and oh no I want Grady but on this one is being renovated a man I've gotten him before but he is so acute okay this is a Nickelodeon plus your feelings okay the one sit over a little bit so awesome so these are the different you can select by the way we got Rock Google floors and doing it anybody else out remember but we have CatDog CatDog so cool all right let's get him back there all right my turn let's open ocean you see the DC Comics

DC and we have oh wow so much that I actually don't know this one let's see Blake I was at Bain Oh doesn't quite same to me oh well Bain okay moving on okay open the cat photos hearings morning otherwise you can select on the side the eye shows on the ones you can collect there's like ones and macaroons and teacups and all kinds of fun stuff woo I mean stupid oh not one gosh here these are doing a little downward dog thing that's so cute the come out enough it's actually in there forever but oh my gosh is so cute really cute okay my turn I'm solving I'm officer hi mini-series one maybe if I can get it open [Music] okay and like you said several times I am NOT very good with their name so I'll have to let me know yeah I don't know this one but see who it is purple hair and a piano dress mmm this one right here right I think so looks like our original rule see oh yeah good thinking and here she is really cool she looks like a ghost you kinda has like a pearly skin okay moving on next three we do here's to my gosh I really want the golden cow oh yeah

is that is at least yeah take not long not gone oh this is it how on earth is it teleporting or is it spawning I like underman blonde so thank you yeah sweet alright I'm going to open the next one chess series one see we're gonna get Oh Steven I'm sorry so what's up chicken next we do thank you we need to put we got er before who would you want and I would want your but let's own - ow ow ow ow would be my second oh yes sugar-free kill me yeah they're not rarities only Oh No so cute okay moving on I want to open them no so non smells delicious I would love to show that commercial because that's all I ever you see I want that limited-edition you want ooh who are you hello jelly bean man need a checklist that's it really pretty Wow I forget to put my minecraft guy out there I'm looking to protect my home and see issues in jelly bean your arm here oh she's going on new one that they added on to this is cotton jellyfish apparently smell the cotton candy castle with play-doh I can shoot yeah and then we got the Nilla cream gloss up that's really

awesome forget some of the new stuff all right I went to my series one like these are very conveniently packaged I enjoy I hit the checklist under like you if you knew translucent or sweet solid color huh honor she's triple ice berry triple berry ice she looks like she's three colors yeah I think she's triple berry ice she's in the snow cone on them and then this little guy right there is raspberry light up I think so you can pull that tag out down now and then press the button on the top and she'll start lighting off yeah I need to put yeah can we turn the lights off yeah sure that's what you can literally totally awesome I like these yeah they're really cool okay you just open that so I will open the be bunnies they're pretty awesome see oh wait obviously they come with names this is great because I open the place up sit in come with me anyway so general help me out here are these the same one yeah okay see it's like a card with the one you get so this one is asked absent at either side and that's not a chica that's really cool

and then there's like some more on the back there and they both the same on the back yet let's meet like that and you can snap them onto your bracelet if you get one of those packs make sure you watch our video on that so you can know what I'm talking about okay next this lufia is so cute oh no sir when I wanted so we haven't we've never got that one and I drink a lot of almond milk it's awesome oh yes we do undress that's good alright let's save no jungle and my possum maybe I love The Container Store jungle Moustakas and oh no no it's one of those ones there we go we got it and oh I think's got someone new I think I don't remember getting this click on the Black Panther we got prowler the Black Panther and we got tanked the hello oh that's so awesome I don't think it'd do any kind of members we got either this lets super cool alright moving on to the next one Oh bleep ugh dog there's a ripple octopus with my friend's phone right there that's the one we got so they hey let me see what should I have you need like a box like this one come out like that isn't that so cool I love that look so he's really cool maybe

you can hang on common milk no all right way I'll open the twosies series one handles get the little popsicle background and then three for the baby it's the little penguin baby and then we get the little rhino I love the little animals if I could just collect animals I'd be happy and do big hair with six figures okay I really want most using the thoth not Losey honey lemon honey one she's really cool but I really want mochi I don't even think I got baymax I got this DMX but I don't even have that baymax yet hmm I hope I can Vincent oh I'm out of line bags over here give me one of yours over there all of them the Uglies can't stop probably and need your help Jenna looking on the checklist because I never mastered those channels wow I almost did comics be careful kids with scissors dangerous okay and oh there we go so give gender the checklist to help me out here this first one is so cute and kind of focus on him jeremy sheppard jeremy sheppard that's really cute really cool and then this one I'm thinking I wanted

you to stick you on there not only fits in this class container for no reason funky strong sounds alright this is funky frog he's so cool I love always had job and I can't believe it because I'm so bad that's really awesome I love those is still surprise poop I know those were in the the like the four or five or twelve packs or whatever they had I never gotten into those okay you can open this oh okay so the cactus hats are really cool I really want the little goldfish one isn't on the outside the box cuz I wanted a goldfish bowl Oh cuz I am yeah that he's like super hard to find I think so I don't think will be fun like go on the inside to a bunny oh that's cute I like the pink color on it in the little pearl on the eight years I'm really cute I think I've gotten the chicken before the doctor whatever it is all right the last one here we need done above the green we want the Australian Shepherd so let's go ahead and get it open then doesn't have it and this church this is not gonna work it literally didn't work you have no no we have the same one when I open this

before I got the Bulldogs what is he a one or two important 40th origin oh wow duplicate I want it and one comfortable so all right you guys will have to let us know which one we got today was your favorite Jenna which is Jason really long milk so cute I'm still blinking I think I really really want to go with the cat dog I think it's so cool but let us know your favorite also thank you guys for watching all this time we made it to 200 episodes so here's to 100 more and then maybe general come back so did 300 not anyway thank you guys so much for watching make sure you give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and we will see you guys next time bye [Music]