10 January 2019

Random dog walk


hey guys random dog walking adventures

here part 1 here's my dog and she sings I know teach my dog to keep the long walks but I take her multiple times a day and I'm videotaping every day and then highlighting the rest one I don't know gets sad Moe's a really good girl if you couldn't talk sometimes really weird things happened to me lose block so I've been walking my dog obviously for three years practically every day every day the highest sums like if I'm really sick I won't super cold today is you can know this is coming up during the January 2019 in this it's freezing I live in what Midway and never eat yeah I live in the Midwest a little bit East just in other words we have all the seasons here and it's super cold winter super hot during summer and perfect during spring and well a little chilly during fall but it's really good in spring yeah there's a lot of neighborhood cats he took a weird box mama let's go check what it is don't you come like this oh it looks it was a fish tank okay you guys can't probably see almost anything though I have school so I can't do day ones I'm sorry guys oh my gosh

she can't get the unzoom there make room three for a minute walks with my dog and all of you guys take very much this is it this is where sometimes when my dog gets bored easy to [Music] wear gloves