20 July 2019


Just out with the pooch so though why not upload something while I'm here.

no wait you have the date and I just out

walking me pooch today I have no bike as such at the moment so peep so far no and just rolled in some smelly green so I don't know what it is yeah we're just some out between Basingstoke and Oakley should watch my fate should have seen me go long here a million times on my bike so we're just come for a walk and we dogged aim here hey let's just got some green that's really disgusting green I don't know what it is it doesn't smell a poo but I'm gonna have to get her in the bath I'm about to go in the sunlight I don't know if my face is gonna disappear what should have done before I went oh which ways the Sun good where is the Sun may not see it good so that's it there but it's gonna hit me in a minute and the screens gonna go my face is gonna go darker than it already is from this 10 so yeah thanks watching my fate 7 watches my bits so I spit random at the moment will be bike fit seen I'm just about doing a walk on me talk and I haven't uploaded much at all so I just want to get some crap on there you don't like you you don't like you don't have to watch it doesn't bother me to be honest that does a little bit yeah so

mint the Thunder this morning and we had nothing they said train train pitch dream get it get it a pink train I've not seen a pink train before what about the new Barbie line or something bright pink pink train coming along how strange so yeah so um what I say then ah get so sidetracked and I oh my god I can't even rewind this to have what I said to then carry on so I'm just gonna I'm just uploading this as it is straight from your phone I said something really interesting I don't know no it's gone right to my brain so yeah so yeah I'm just uploading some random shits at the moment people might like this I don't they should i watch of me then you don't love watching this you just like it for the bikes then you'll hate this if you like peaches sweaty ones covered in green crap then you might like this woods Oh God whenever I do that for some reason whenever I we in bushes or anything someone always turns up and they see me we really planes about it ones look at that way can you see me Dwayne Johnson

and I like to take it huh no play mess with the tape oh good job boy looks down then peach and another turd there I cleaned my turd up she had fun she's got in the past pops in the shop my head so I didn't have any turtle eggs since gotten paths bumped into a mate Ashley missed work place Sammy's out for rum with his mum stock I think you said it was and yes okay holding hands skip in and stuff and then parted our ways so all so bright I want to get back to the car and I've done it with a camera though well and I see he's got me thinking the middle it's Creighton but they deal with it will be dealt by it so cool