14 January 2016

Rarity Dealing with the Diamond Dogs (A Dog and Pony Show) | MLP: FiM [HD]

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please Diamond Dogs please let me go no

you're a precious little pony forever but whatever do you want from me gems yes the gems that you will find them find them all oh they're a lovely positive jewels are right there now if you'd be so kind as to show me the exit what but you said you wanted me to find the gems yes fine and the dig dig yes dig what are you doing we said dead forgive me but prior to so Rudy glad I need your dirt pit I got a pony petty and I am not about to chipper huff because you dislike my style of digging oh goodness fine just stop stop big dogs yeah say won't dig cheapos I thank you but but pray tell are you doing others will dig you will hold a wagon whereas just Pony Pandey will be preserved now somebody certainly needs proper nail care when was the last time you two had a manicure you're stretching up my coat with those jagged things please be quiet good heavens what is that smell ah mystery solved it's a breakfast but I must say the smell I'm terribly thirsty that's another thing I would appreciate if you'd stop calling me lady so you or your whining I am NOT whining I am complaining here whining whining

will do anything pony oh I will do anything mr. Eric anything this water is hardly sparkling but I suppose we'll have to do wait why are we doing it to stop the awful noises from the pony's mouth remember I know this is ridiculous getting a pony order after round what are we mice or dogs my dog's jobs do not pull ponies pull nature make the Opera noises noises all you want but move what do you make them did you just call me up you ah eels are ugly are you saying that I do have no no I said no look at me no no you're still beautiful both a human rarity yeah yeah dad no you're still pretty nice yeah Raipur just about enough of this