22 May 2016

Rat Cage Review: All Living Things Rat Starter Kit

My review on the All living Things Rat Starter Kit rat cage. I did forget to review the hammock that it came with- the hammock is very plasticy and rats don't seem ...

hello everybody today's video is going

to be a requested video on my review for the ultimate things rat starter kit so without further ado let's get started so this cage retails for $100 at Petsmart and it is 17.5 inches in length 28 inches in width and 31.5 inches in height so this cage could possibly fit only to rats I wouldn't go any more than that because it is it could get a little crowded it is perfect in height but not so perfect in in everything else what is included in the box is one flying-saucer exerciser meal two solid surface shelves too easy to climb try to grab one comfortable hemic one food dish one 16-ounce drip resistant water bottle one rat toy 1/4 pound bag of all living things most and rot daily diet food and a small bag of all living things paper pet bedding I would also like to mention that there are three doors there is one at the bottom one in the middle and one at the very top which makes cleaning pretty easy to do the bar spacing is half an inch and the bars and the bars go horizontal which makes which make liming easy for the rats and since rats really like climbing it is the perfect cage for that and since

the bar spacing is only half an inch there won't be any young rat or female rats to escape is that it has a deep pan as you can see that's probably like four inches right there which makes bedding easy to hold but it has an awkward pan it has this lip at the bottom which makes hidey houses a little awkward to be in the cage but the con about it is that it's not very good for fleece and for big jurors because the pan is plastic rats like to chew on it and can't escape I don't know if you could see it back there but I have some rats that really like to chew on the plastic and will eventually escape one of the cons about this cage is the levels the levels have a lip right there which can create urine pooling if your ads aren't litter trained so if you have if you're using please I would suggest covering it with fleas so that your rats don't get infected feet which can be very painful for them something I'd also like to note is that the water bottle that it comes with which is not this one it's a different one leaks quite a bit it kind of floods the cage which is not good another thing is that it came with a plastic bowl and as you know rats like

to knock over the bowls and it is easy for them to knock over and - which is not very good the ramps that this cage also comes with are pretty hard - for the rats to climb up um they usually just climb up on the bars instead of the ramps itself the ramps also connect to those little tabs right there and those tabs are easy to break as well as these little tabs if you are removing your levels to clean or removing your your ramps to clean so I would suggest either replacing the shelves with some plastic baskets or using some wooden ledges that you could cover with peel and stick tile another con about this page is that the food that it comes with is not good for a daily rat diet just because it has lots of corn alfalfa and lots of seeds which is very fatty in oils and carbs and all that which are not good for rats so I would suggest either feeding that as a treat once in a while and replace the food with a higher quiet quality food I suggest Oxbow just because that is the highest quality food you could get for your rats and another con to this cage is that the bedding that it comes with is very expensive for what it is since

it is just paper it is pretty expensive for just paper I find that it's a little too dusty for my rats my rats always tend to sneeze and my rat actually got mites from that bedding so I would not suggest it unless you want to put it in the freezer for 48 hours but even then my rat still got might just use that bedding to your own caution in conclusion this cage is really good for two rats for a pair of rat it is great for the price and what it comes with it is also good if you have a limited amount of space in your room and its really good for folding bedding and hanging up hammocks and toys it is also good for climbing there's lots of climbing opportunities that your rat could have but it is also plus it does also have a plastic bottom which can be chewed through the food and the bedding aren't very suitable for read the bottle leaks a lot so you'll have to replace that the bowl is plastic which can be chewed and tipped over the ribs are hard to take off clean and for the rats to climb up and the levels are really hard to clean and are very easily broken when taken off or moved yeah that concludes this video

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