11 April 2017

Rat haul and handling rats | RATS

What I got for the rats today, and how I handle the rats! Where I got the sputnik: ...

hey guys so I actually went steal quick

video because like a quick video because I actually went to two places I went to the range the whip at home today it's very very small literally got free things first thing I got was this dog toy it was actually in like a board but I've unravel that cuz I can use for the rats so it's like a giant rope which I'm going to use across there okay in places I'm not sure you could see over that hey you got come out may pause upstairs and then I also went and got this bear toy bag toys actually very good for apps because they have a lot of climb employees obviously I know a lot of cheese stuff so we've got bat for them as well this cost me $4.99 these two things are both from the range that what used to be the Rope ball was 99 pikas and a reduction with it so like now and then the final thing about what's my fence at home and it was pretty cheap it was six pounds it could be pretty effective in certain places so it was pretty good money for it what it is it's this it's the sputnik extra-large basically free apps and it's the purple pink one so it you can have a like this and then you can also have a like that which is

how this is going to go is gonna go in the corner of this cage for the rats to use and hopefully they will use it yeah I don't need to get a lot of stuff I actually have some more stuff coming on the on Wednesday which I am also going to be putting in this cage and are we doing hold on that because it's from fire there and I know a lot people like to see who's on there's lots of stuff so I'm going to be doing a haul on by there as well and so yeah I'm just gonna put them all in now and then show you what it looks like afterwards okay so I just put some into the fan here we have this is half a year he's just investigating this new toy it's very into that then are we here we have willow and eight then why when I doing that that's some tasting I was also because I've just eaten some chips so it's not very good idea that's there that I've you know obviously they're gonna want to do that cuz I smell like food yeah nothing that's will either via the willow and hazel these two II get me this isn't food I'm not food then we got Harper go a little bit crazy over there so it I'm

not dude we're so funny and their maples actually they're me poor I mean not Mabel huh what's mad you actually extremely hunt a magic probably tell like I've only had them a day literally just over 24 hours now and that's it look she actually licking me yeah there we go she's licked me she's literally look at me right now yeah I'm pretty sure it's willow I'm pretty sure willow is a bit lighter than hazel her face like designs my face are kind of different than his was he's was right there and willows the one who's going a bit crazy on me oh my gosh that's nail nail has an L my gosh I'm being attacked by all alone now wait I'm not food I'm not food you can't come out I really want to have some playtime with them at some point but and when I get some more toys definitely well nothing to get them to settle into their cage first and I settle into your cage and I definitely need to get her des in five months or eight instead obviously because I flee start digging underneath the police she's gonna climb uh-oh and also at the top what's up okay gonna close this oh

my gosh the closest and people actually says that these are Berkshires I've been told you can tell because like they're just like one solid color and then they're they've got four white socks and then I actually got four white socks and then like their bellies white as well so yeah so here we go that's what Nick oh it's over here let's go put there there wasn't really much room cuz I got luck there I might have to move that because I don't really like it there now and then they've also got this Halloween bucket I put in and they're also I had never Halloween thing yes so that because they were in hereit and today so i thought that it would be nicer if it was here so you can miss a gallon so that that was like in there because it's more cozy with that in i need to get some all blanket to put in there and some in there and yeah I'm glad some more stuff coming soon I never got the Rope in it's actually filling up pretty nicely which is and I've also got some toys coming I've got some rope bridges coming as well so they'll be really cool to use I can't wait to put them in the cage in this

bucket by the way the most a lot of fleece as well and I will be doing like a full tour at some point oh yeah right now I'm going to like hold and for you just to show you them okay look she's a real sweetheart she's so cute oh and the finger wraps as well as soon as you get them you really have to hold them as much as possible I was actually said that wraps tend to settle in a lot better than other pets both especially with babies you really need to handle them a lot more because they are they do tend to be a bit more timid than obviously the adults I do tend to scare quite easily as well as a lot of things just because they're babies as they get older fine Hazel's actually sniffing the screen she's like weighs this weird thing here hello and then so that was hazel right there and then both trying to get much easier to come on make all right now the maple does not want to be caught come on you come straight up to me and then she's like running away as I tried to pick her up more easily okay okay i'm britta this one here is we're low be sure or her I don't know she's it's why then do we go

don't eat my phone don't need that phone the whatever I want to make movement almost harder than okay I'm gonna pull okay whoo yeah this is father got half of here parfaits very much on the go as you can tell but there's Harper she's also white and brown but on her back she'll actually got just one stripe and just like a normal wood on their head okay now we're gonna size see if we can find little maple the blankets actually already something to smell which obviously isn't very nice I think section says oh I found her she looks okay yeah maple she's a bit very more active and honey yeah hello as Harper was there we go but that's all at the rats I hope you enjoyed this video I just quickly want to show you the wraps and things like that but I asked you a bit more of a better video so she's absolutely fine still you know just a stir around the cage trying to capture just the weird tail going around then okay so thank you so much for watching guys and hope I see you soon just comment down below down below any videos you can wanna see you or it's

about three are you a board the rabbit you're still here in the room I'm or hamsters even they're climbing everywhere now they obviously like other new stuff okay so thank you what sorts right guys now see