27 July 2013

Reborn Baby Doll crying before feeding! Lifelike Baby Doll! So Real! Fake Baby! Nlovewithreborns2011

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it's okay good mood what happened

No there we go we're feeling you oh yeah yeah you're nursing hungry huh oh there we go yeah why you're really hungry that's why you're crying so much fingers on your blanket thirsty you're hungry on baby okay let's try to Brooke you I just want to kind of pursue okay okay okay okay we want thank you okay here yeah give me your bottle back okay okay oh I know here just take it okay oh geez you're so hungry I'm sorry yeah you're super hungry yeah oh man you're so hungry Oh Oh big drinks big drinks big drinks yeah oh you weren't kidding on like see me Mommy I'm Ruiz alright okay let's try this burping thing again okay oh yeah oh now you're satisfied you're not gonna cry are you that's a good girl no more crying yeah no crying huh oh there we go you just needed to be fed your happy baby now huh yeah you're happy I'm happy sleep and give your pacifier and make sure you're really happy okay well that was miss heavenlies feeding thank you guys for watching