28 October 2019

Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs 🍫🐶 (DIY Treats)

And I built an entire town for dogs to trick-or-treat! Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs and building little tiny homes with these customized dog houses has ...

(spooky music)

(dog howling) - Okay, today, we're actually doing something really cool. We're gonna recreate classic Halloween candy for dogs. I know, I can already hear you now, dogs can't have candy. They definitely can't have chocolate, but the good news is, I'm a pet chef and this is a bakery for dogs, so if anybody can pull it off, it's me. And look, candy is great, but one of the fun things about Halloween is actually how you get the candy, going trick or treating. So, none of this would be complete unless we build an entire town for dogs to trick or treat. So, we're gonna do just that, but I gotta tell ya, it's already taken us days just to assemble these things. And it was expensive. But it's gonna be worth it, because look at these things. They're like customized tiny homes for dogs. I mean, look at this. This tiny home, even has a second floor. I don't wanna call 'em Reeses Peanut Butter Cups because they're for dogs. I do know a very special dog named Ricky, so I think I'll call it Ricky's Peanut Butter Pups. (laughs) - I'm the chef, I can come up with whatever name I want. And that's not the only candy I want to make. I want to make Kit Kat Bars. We'll call 'em Kitty Kat Bars. And we're gonna make other ones too! Like gummy bears, a Halloween cake for dogs.

Let's jump to the bakery and get to work. Take a bite out of that. Tell me what's in it. - Mmm, it's good. - That is really good. I mean, dogs should be able to eat these. - All right, let's make one. - This is one of the best candies, in my opinion. It's also one of the most simple 'cause it's legit just chocolate and peanut butter, right? - Yep. - Did you eat the whole thing? - I did. - It was just... (laughs heartily) You were supposed to be deconstruct it, not destroy it. - Yeah, I got it. It's locked in. - (laughs) Okay, so here's what I'm thinkin'. Chocolate is one of the main ingredients, but dogs can't eat chocolate. Do not feed your dog chocolate. But they can eat carob. And this is what we use a lot at the bakery. So we can put a base of carob down, then we wanna do our base of peanut butter. Hold on, wait. We gotta make sure this is dog friendly. You ready?

(dog yips) (laughs heartily) Oh, good boy! - All right, and then for the final step, we'll put another layer of carob. - That is gonna turn out perfect. Flip, check this out, that's gonna be good, huh? (spooky music) We're setting the neighborhood up at my store, The Dog Bakery. What's nice about that is I can clear a space and make sure we have the room to do it. Okay, I definitely know that this sod was a good purchase, because really it already pulls this together. (laughs) Except I hope we don't have any accidents on the grass. All right, here's how we're gonna pull this off today. We have a Street Team that's working on building the entire neighborhood, assembling the dog houses, doing everything we need for a trick or treat neighborhood for dogs to come together. And we also have the Treat Team, and they're gonna help me pull off all these treats. Outside of my love for candy and for dogs, there's actually a reason I'm doing this. There's a very special dog that I know named Willie Wonka. No joke, I didn't make that up. That's her name, it's Willie Wonka. And I really wanna pull all

of this off specifically for her. Willie Wonka was born with two deformed front legs, making it a real struggle for her to stand and walk upright. This led to her getting bullied. In a shelter, a situation like this can be detrimental. At this point, it seemed like there was no hope. But thank goodness, Deity Animal Rescue stepped in, and a foster mom said, "I'll help." You see, most people said, "Willie Wonka is a lost cause." But Christine said, "I won't accept that. Every dog deserves love and the chance and the opportunity to be the best that they can." And thank goodness she had a foster sister, Puka, to teach her some of the ways, was very gentle on her, and even a brother named Larry. Yep, he's a tortoise. But this oddball mix right here, in addition to her dad and her foster mom that just would not give up, has helped her make tremendous progress. We're gonna let her trick or treat, and I'm hoping that, at this point, she'll actually be able to walk down the trick or treat neighborhood. Stay tuned for that, but right now we still have a lot to do to be able to pull all of this off for Willie Wonka. Oh, okay, are they done?

- Good, yeah! - Okay! - Poppin' 'em out here. Okay, let's see! - Whoa, look at these! Okay, so that is the one that we made. Here is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Mmm, look at that. Peanut butter, nice and creamy. Tastes really good. You want to help me with the other treats? - Sure! - We need to make gummy bears. - Ooo that'll be fun! (spooky music) - Okay, I'm back. What are we workin' on here? - Okay, you said you wanted to make some Kitty Kats. - Yeah, which is Kit Kat, but you know, dogs love kitty cats! - (laughs) - No, I'm not saying dogs should eat kitty cats. (meows loudly) You know, I'm just saying. - What we need to do, is we're gonna do one layer of carob. - Okay. - Let that sit. While that's sitting, we're gonna make teeny, tiny, little thin strips of the peanut butter cookie. - That's perfect. - for the wafer, to be the middle layer,

and then we'll cover it back up with carob. - Yeah, that's perfect because, okay, look at that. I don't know if you can see in there but, is there peanut butter in there? - I think they're wafer cookies. - The best candy is very simple, right? Milk chocolate and wafers. Okay, I'll let you work on that, I'll get back to the street team. - Okay, great! (spooky music) - So these have been in the freezer now for about 20 minutes. So we're gonna see how these turned out. These are the Kitty Kat Bars. I'm gonna do a little something here. If we're gonna be handing out trick or treat candy, we've gotta have 'em perfection. So I'm gonna trim off some of these edges here. Look at that! Original Kit Kat Bar. Our Kit Kat Bar. That is pretty amazing but, the true test comes down to how it tastes. I just break me off a piece, of that Kitty Kat Bar. Look at that, you can see the wafers in there. Okay, let's test it out. Wow!

Oh, the dogs are gonna be happy! Hold on. Try a piece of the original. - Original. - Yeah, okay, now try a piece of this. I wanna show you guys, so you know I'm not kidding. What do you think? - Wait, that's the original, right? - No, the original's over here. - That was, that yeah. - That was the original. - That's pretty good! - I would have no idea though. - That's actually really good! - Yeah. - That's legit. - Good! The stage is looking solid. We've got the street laid out. We've got all the sod laid out. Now we've just got to bring in the houses. (spooky music) Oh, man, that Street Team is coming together great! All right, I gotta jump back to the bakery, and see how I can help. I mean, who doesn't love gummy bears? They're so good. Can't tell you how many road trips I've had where I've made myself sick to my stomach eating gummy bears. Now, the task's gonna be with finding

something that is healthy and delicious for dogs, that we can fill these molds with. So I bought these gummy bear molds right here. Okay, so this is what you think will make a solid gummy bear. - Yes, I do. - Are you certain this will work? - No. - In theory, if we just keep it cold, they don't have to be shelf stable, we can make this work. - Yes, I think so. - Okay, tell me what you came up with. - So this is beef stock, and gelatin. - I think this could work. If you can finish those up for me, let's throw 'em in the freezer, and then I'll come back for the finished product then. Let's see, let's see. - All right. - All right, I'm gonna go check with the Street Team, and I'll let you keep workin' on that. - All right, got it. - Okay. (spooky music) Okay, are these, uh, what uh, did you put them in here? - Not yet, hold on one sec, I'll grab 'em. - Take your time, take your time. Oh, wow! Wow, look at this!

Well done, by the way. - Thank you. - That's amazing! I cannot wait for the dogs to try these. Well done! (hands clap) - All right, let's get these out there. - Okay! - Okay, Kelly hasn't seen the town at all. She's been working so hard in the bakery. So I wanna completely surprise her. You watch all the shows on TV where they do the big reveals. Uh huh. Okay, you ready? - Yes. - Okay, three, two, one. Check it out. - Oh my gosh, it looks so good! Wow, the dogs are gonna love this. (upbeat music) - Okay, come here, come here. I got something to show ya. All right, so you know dogs, sometimes they can go, they can speed a little too fast? Check this out. (slow spooky music) Slow down, Fido. It's a neighborhood! You gotta have all these things. Change it to go.

Okay, well. (laughs) Maybe this is a return. Yeah, well, you know what? - There it is! - (laughs) I have one more thing that I wanna show you that I think will make this thing perfect. - I thought that was trash in your car. I'm glad I didn't throw it away. - Okay, peel that off. - Oh! Although I'm a little surprised it didn't say Kelly. Oh, this is weird. (happy laughter) - All right, here. Hold this. We gotta find a street sign. There, that'll work perfect, thanks. (happy laughter) - Yeah, I'm just gonna stand here all day. - Yeah, let's go make the treats, come on. - Okay. - All right, so these are some of my favorite trick or treat items, because they are limited edition, hand baked by us here at The Dog Bakery. We ship 'em all over the nation, but today we're gonna be right in the trick or treat neighborhood, and look at this. We've got a Halloween pumpkin cake,

it's a Jack-o'-lantern. We've got Day of the Dead cookies. So cool. And it wouldn't be complete without Frankendog. (scary sound) Here, I wanna make this a full bowl. Tell you why. We're gonna put this in the neighborhood. And check this out. That house that only lets you have one treat. You're just supposed to take one? It's on the honor system? The houses are built, the streets are laid and the treats are made. And because I'm the mayor of Dogtown it's time to cut the ribbon, so we can get this trick or treat started. Okay, I want you to do something for me. I want yo to cross your fingers, because this is the moment where we see if Willie Wonka really loves what we all built for her. Now, while the town is spooky, we're gonna pull back so we don't actually spook Willie Wonka, and just let her explore. I hope she loves it. (soft piano music) (toy squeaks) - That's fun. - What's that? - That's fun. - What's that? (happy laughter)

You know what? She's walking so good! Okay, Baby Shark, what do ya think? Oh, good girl, she's doin' so good! And she's grown so much. - So much. About 50 pounds. - 50 pounds now? Oh, taking a little break there? - You're not a baby anymore. - All right, so not these, 'cause that's the human ones. (happy laughter) - Hey, you should trade! - What is that? Oh, amazing! - I think she likes it! - I think you're right, Mom. By the looks of it, I'd say she loves it. And right now, my heart is filled with gratitude to you, and to everybody else who helped to put the first ever, entire town built just for dogs to trick or treat. And for her. Where in the past she's been bullied, now she's loved. (gentle music) Hey, and now, I think it's time to bring her sister and her brother in, and a bunch of other friends, and let all the dogs, and tortoise, trick or treat. (dog howls) (upbeat music)

(toy squeaking) - Here you go. - Here you go. - Okay, Flip, you ready? Sit. Okay. (upbeat music) Get it! All right, now that's one happy trick or treatin' dog, right there. Good boy! Good boy! (upbeat music) Oh no! It's supposed to be just please take one! You're the best little trick or treater! Well, hi. Oh, she's so small! Mmm, gummy bears! (dogs chomping) (happy laughter) - No trick or treating without a costume! - A hamburger? Oh my goodness, this is amazing! So, I found out from his mom, that turtles love pumpkin. (loud crunching) (upbeat music) Well, I'll tell you what,

it's like I'm giving out candy this week. Last week I was giving out iPhone 11's. So go watch that video of me giving out iPhone 11's to people who adopt a dog so that you can find out how to win an iPhone 11. Just click right up there to watch that video, and I'll also put the link in the description below. We sell out fast on a lot of these custom items, because we hand make 'em all right here in the bakery. But there might be some left! Go to TheDogBakery.com to check it out. And I'll put a link down below. You should sign up for it, so you'll be the first to know when any special items come out. It's called my Birthday Club. You also get special things when it's your dog's birthday. And I want everyone to go follow Willie Wonka and her entire family's Instagram. And remember, Willie Wonka is available for adoption, but it's going to take someone that is very capable of helping her with her special needs. If you believe you're that person, then message her mom on her Instagram account. (Thunder claps)