10 December 2017

Red Rocket Kennels Started pups

hey guys welcome to Red Rocket training

page we just digging out after snowstorm believe it or not it's no ghetto lice off of vehicles and we decided to go train this morning that's real cool this is Sam Sam's he's been or we get a red rocket dog the dog that we raised and we get them trained when we get them to where they're forced to file and hand-deliver generally the casting right left back that's our definition of a start at all we usually get 3,500 for those and we everyone we sold to this year have been real sad we got dogs started dogs all over the United States so anyway I'm gonna run a few powder blondes with Sam real quick and dogs are sooo happy to work after all this ice and snow [Music] and this down we uh we don't get to hunt Sam too much cuz of the alligators yeah we're gonna we're gonna hunt him some some this year we're gonna shoot some videos with him on alligators a bit so bad it's hard to take a dog with Sam's value he gone and pick up ducks in between alligators thank you so much and

I just want to share you with you this young thank you