03 November 2018

Reef Flux, Fluconazole Treatment for Algae

Reef Flux https://amzn.to/2JAwBJ6 Fluconazole https://bit.ly/2yQ7D4n I feel this should be a last resort for hair algae and reserved for bryopsis.

hey guys welcome back to Dave's nano

tanks as I said in my last update last week the Frank tank has some serious algae problems in it and there are a few things to blame and I'm probably one of them isn't that the way it always goes so I rushed this frag tank I plumbed it into my main system and I threw in a couple of pieces of live rock and that's great and I figure I cheated the whole cycle by doing that and in a way I did but I started to run out of room as I was putting frags in there so I took the rocks out and the rocks were housing the bacteria in this system so by removing the bacteria I gave algae a head start because as we know algae can take the ammonia out of the water before the bacteria even has a crack at it and having not a lot of surface space in this tank just basically egg crate and glass and some frag plugs it didn't have the room for the bacteria to colonize and I'm trying to zoom in on the algae so I can show you that it's not just green hair algae because it has a multiple branch system off of each stalk and you'll be able to see it maybe as I try to focus in so it's not just hair algae it has this fern like appearance and I think its

brightest so we can treat fry OPS's with fluconazole it also works on green hair algae too so if it's not brightest I'm still gonna take a crack at it but what I'm gonna do is disconnect it from my main system because I don't want to treat my whole system with fluconazole so I'm gonna disconnect it and just run a hang on the back so the system will have no skimmer because if you do have a skimmer you'll need to shut it off for at least 24 hours so the fluconazole can dissolve completely into the water and you'll notice 24 hours later your water will be clearer than you've ever seen it it's a beautiful thing now you'll also want to remove the carbon because carbon will remove the actual chemical fluconazole is actually an antibiotic it is an acyl type and it removes a candida type of yeast fungus from the water so because it's an antibiotic I will also be dosing fritz as I'm nine about a week into this progress so let's see what our options are for fluconazole now for our hobby I have found these two sources of fluconazole on first we have pay less products pay less pet products

offers this bloom code 200 milligram fluconazole tablets and now a more branded for the hobby is reef HD reflux and they're say reef HD flu and some some other numbers on it but there are also 200 milligrams so they appear to be a little different but I think they're pretty much the same thing I think it's just fluconazole so let's take a look at the website now early back in my youtube career I made a video about this Payless pet products and I dropped the link very often in live streams anytime somebody's interested but as you can see here 10 capsules is $19.99 but at the time that I was making this video there was an issue with them using credit cards their credit card server was not allowing the sale of fish antibiotics to be purchased on the credit cards so you'll notice this huge savings if made by a cheque bitcoin or pay by mail so here it is it's 10 capsules since 1999 but as we go down notice if you use each check ten capsules is now $12.99 so they realize it's an inconvenience and they're trying to help you out as well and you'll see back up here that the more you buy the cheaper it becomes too because okay ten capsules is twenty

dollars but twenty capsules is only thirty dollars so that brings it down to fifteen dollars a capsule now $15 per tend to buy multiples so let's see here ten capsules is $12.99 and if I drop this menu down for the Bitcoin yeah 20 capsules is only $19.99 so they're doing you you know they realize it's an inconvenience and they're trying to work with you so I give them a lot of credit and I contacted them and asked them about the issue what because I tried to order it and they didn't get back to me right away meaning right away ten minutes later I went and bought reflux but within an hour they got back to me and said they actually knew who I was and appreciated all the links I had dropped and they sent me that ten pack for no charge so that was pretty cool of them so but let's talk about the reflux to reflux I found on Amazon was the best price for that and that's $14.99 and free shipping yeah it's $14.99 on BRS too but Brie RS does not offer free shipping as far as I know on purchase this small so I'll leave a link for both of them in the chat or in the comment section and I imagine that the problem with the credit

card purchase may be because if you need fluconazole for yourself because it is a medication that humans can take for different fungal infections you need a prescription so the fact that you can purchase this and not have a prescription I mean I guess they could repurpose it the reflux mentions on the side that it's it's not for human use human consumption and don't even give it to fish that you intend to eat basically so we'll go over that and I think this time we're gonna try the reflux since I already have a fluconazole video what we're gonna try the reflux on this frag tank so I calculated the measurements of my frag tank and the capacity seems to be about 21 gallons with very little displacement frags and so forth so you need one pill per 10 gallons and rather than under shoot it for perhaps just I would rather overshoot it so I'm gonna do a 30 gallon dose that may seem extreme and reflux tells you not to overdose but I also have a hand on the back adds about another gallon and I've heard of higher dosage and when you're using for fish you actually dose it every day in this instance you only dose it once but you

do it five days the same dosage for fish diseases so I don't think a few extra milligrams are gonna create a problem one part of trying to open the little capital fools they're gonna open them up empty them in and you may not even get it all in there so definitely overdose before you under dose that's three it just keeps giving but don't throw the gelatin capsules into your tank because there's all kinds of metals in with gelatin to create time release and nothing in there can be good for your tank so one two hundred milligrams capsule for ten gallons run your lights as normal removed your skimmer for at least the first 24 hours reflux even says to remove your skimmer for 36 hours basically as the browser starts to die it's gonna be reduce releasing a lot of things back into your system this is just tank water this is a chopstick just kind of my throwaway mixing tools that I use this will be cloudy and it will not completely dissolve in the tank water in about 24 hours it'll be completely dissolved in your tank water and I feel you can turn your skimmer back on reflux also states that you can use GFO during this

treatment so again dying biopsis is going to release nutrients back into your system be prepared a two to three-week treatment is required and if you see any spots that are not dying make sure that you use additional lights because dark areas this I believe this chemical is taken up during its photo process so it's important so you see the system here I've got it all disconnected there's no flow I have a hang on the back filter of course no carbon just some bio media and a pad and you see there is no incoming water and we're at the bottom of the bulkhead so no water going back into the main display and then I took out the time to mark the waterline so I know where the ATO was gonna need to be topped off to and I also need to watch dosing because this is not connected to my main tank so it won't be dosing so you'll notice when you pour it in at first no matter how well you mixed it it's cloudy so as you see on the top 200 milligrams 10 gallons one dose no matter what the instructions come with you're only doing this once and it's a two to three week process no skimmer for the first 24 hours I think

reflux says something like 3 days you want to remove your carbon it will not harm your kado morpha or your macro algae but it will destroy an algae turf scrubber because that's what it's targeting is that type of algae so thanks for watching there'll be links for both products down in the description and I'll do some updates on Instagram