03 November 2019

Requested..Making My First Neon Pet(Neon Dog)#Neon

Request me more ideas For A Vid.

hey guys what's up today Jamie so today

we are making me on my freshly unpack cinco flyboard a schmee and fluffy there's all floor mat bubble doggies let's go rock kitty you guys have legendary i always say i'll genera pet and young in the car and me and red and you wanna give me for free our please really accept it because i really want it this is still a oh my gosh I'm gonna be slow moving and when I place it [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] oh sure [Music] [Music] oh my effort I'm making this day so you guys I'm so happy today I just made mine and Pat realize I don't believe it is heart this is like 35 Lobos I just bought it oh yeah right what is this to update I was gonna into stuffing so don't be mysterious can you hold on the house is four thousand $1,500 bucks yeah actually somewhere be a new disguise [Music]

okay so yeah it isn't like this but this is from the back well my house change into a party house like this like this see this is what just knocked up bitches so bye guys bye [Music]