22 October 2013

Review of Greenies Dental Chews - Ep. 7 of Steven the Pet Man: The Truth in Pet Food

Steven the Pet Man Reviews Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs. Steven breaks down the ingredient list and provides his thoughts on whether these actually help ...

I am Steven the pet man bringing you the

truth in pet food today I have the Greenies and essentially what they're trying to do with this product is have you believe that it's going to clean your dog's teeth as well as gums so let's find out if that is an accurate statement that greenies products makes and the only way to do that is to really kind of go through the ingredients as well as talk about if a product like this can actually clean the teeth of your dog as well as keep the gums healthy so let's find out the first ingredient we have here is gelatin and what this is is basically it's a protein and the way this protein is obtained is by boiling the skin tendons ligaments and other animal bones so that's what happens you basically it could be cows it could be pigs those are generally the two that they use to create gelatin the second ingredient in this product is wheat protein so what is this this is basically a car it's a low great protein for dogs and I don't have such an issue with it more than that it's a low grade form of protein for dogs the next one is glycerin so glycerin is basically it's a sugar and it's a filler and the interesting thing about glycerin is that

really it's a humectant and what that is is it absorbs a lot of moisture a lot of water so why is it included in pet rates very easily because manufacturers have to sell you by weight of items so what this does is they're selling you the weight in water my advice is to steer steer clear of any pet food that has this because they're really selling you mostly water when it comes to glycerin besides being a sugar so the next ingredients are peat protein and potato protein again and I'll have huge issues with them but for dogs they are lower grade of protein so what do I think about this product in general and we can kind of take a look in see what this product looks like as far as you know we've got this kind of like cute little product that looks like a toothbrush it's it's soft but here's my real problem with this product if you're not watching your dog and they snap off a big piece of this and swallow it well you could Google this yourself and see all of the instances of dog swallowing this product and having to be opened up they say that it's supposed to digest if they swallow big chunks that is not always the case as we can see from the

many many complaints on this product now to be fair they have reformulated this products about two years ago saying that it's safe and in my opinion I don't think it's a safe product I would not give this to my animal and as well I wouldn't give this to my dog because it's not going to do what you want it to do in other words you're not going to get this product to clean your dog's teeth and to provide a healthier gum if you want that to happen there's a simple solution and the simple simplest solution to that is simply get one of the many dog brushes toothbrushes out there the ones that you slip over the finger or the ones just like looks like a toothbrush but they're made specifically for dog and then also get the dog toothpaste its flavor like peanut butter flavor or one of many other flavors try to start it young so that they can tolerate it but really that's what works and if you must use a product like a bone to basically clean your dog's teeth I'm gonna recommend that you go to bully sticks or natural antlers those are the two that I can go with and feel comfortable about you could go also with the raw bone you

could go to your butcher and get a raw bone and make sure that it's a large enough bone but again with either of these the bully stick the antlers the the raw bone you must watch your dog and be really careful that it's not taking large pieces and swallowing them so that's my review on the Greenies I don't like it I get close to really I hate it and I'm just giving the pet man and I thank you for watching