20 March 2019

Review Welded Wire Dog Kennel 2019

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I wanted to do a review video for this

welded wire dog kennel that I purchased a while back I purchased this one from the Home Depot but you can buy them I believe it Lowe's and tractor supply and a couple other hardware stores and other websites online when I was in the market for purchasing a dog kennel for my German Shepherd I wanted something that was easy to put together by myself something that I could also easily take apart move to the other part of my yard or eventually when I end up getting rid of this home and moving to another be able to easily take it apart and bring it with me this review is actually for the product itself the welded wire panelist of the dog kennel when I was interested in purchasing one there really wasn't much information as far as reviews or you know the quality of them or anything like that so basically I was just taking a gamble and purchasing this I actually bought a couple of different kits to make what I have now Kendyl itself is 8 foot wide by 12 foot by foot it does come with a with a roof with this little attachment that goes on and a tarp goes over that I wanted to let this actually sit outside for a while and the weather just to see

how it would hold up I live in Florida it rains a lot it's real windy at times and so I just wanted to go ahead now and show the product the product itself product itself is is actually pretty good for the money that you would spend it's about two thirty four one kit and about 150 for the other kid I bought its a kennel master but there's other ones out there I think lucky dog makes one hey Casey but overall I'm pretty happy with the actual product the well dryer itself is good and strong the welds are pretty nice the powder coating they claim is a vinyl type you can see that it does have some rust here but it's been out here for quite a while now and it's been holding up really well it's it's pretty sturdy for what it is I do have it attached to the ground with anchors that you can't see but gotta have it anchored down here in Florida for the Hurricanes but overall I'm very happy with the product itself it's so really pretty strong the welds are good time for the money I'd say it's a very very good product these welded wire panels and the good thing about it is they're real easy to put together with these little bolts and

wing nuts and clamps and you know if you do what I did and buy a couple of different kits you can make it really is 16 by 4 but I just chose this size the door itself is pretty good I mean opens up nice you can't put a lock on here if you kind of get a small enough lock to lock it mine has two doors one in the front one back but yeah overall if you're considering purchasing one of these wire welded panel dog kennels you know as long as you do your research on them as compared to chain-link chain links obviously ever better why do you think they are but for my needs this surpasses what I need the quality is really really good I've seen some other ones that were about the same quality just a different name you could probably even either change them and use them all together but you know for roughly $350 the welded wire panel panels and I think that they're gonna last a pretty long time I think that my dog will be pretty safe in there I don't think they'll be able to bust through they may be able to jump over it soon enough once I put the roof on there that'll so yeah I hope this video would help someone if they're interested in purchasing these welded

wire panel kennels and just didn't know anything about them never saw one or was actually just curious about the quality of them again it's it's uh it's pretty good as compared to a chain-link don't get me wrong I do believe a chain-link would probably last you know a very very long time probably longer than this but if this lasts me the dog's lifetime take care [Music]