10 January 2019

Reviewing Pet Gear Foldable Stairs For Large Dogs! :D

Thank you guys so much for watching! I was hunting for a review of these on here so I decided to take the chance and buy them and review them for you guys ...

hey guys it's me I thought I would do

this review here it's I know I'm messy here today it's such an overcast II nasty day and it's cold do you think it's winter I've got a jacket on and yeah I thought I would go ahead and do this review because I didn't see a review for it anywhere on the Internet so I thought maybe if somebody else is interested they can find it it is like headgear freestanding foldable head stairs and it says I think a small dog could use it I guess it just depends how really big the small dog is but it only has you know marked medium and large dogs this thing is usually like 299 dollars but I did find one cheaper brand new I heard $69 but this one I got for $35 and the shipping was thirty so you know roughly a little over $60 but the thing is it said you know it was open boxed returned so possibly could have been used I asked them you know has it been used why was it returned they said you know it's practically new you know so let's let's open this up and see if I'm disgusted or what happens pretty excited though the reason why I have this is for my dogs to get on their grooming table easier I've got this thing it's like a ramp you know that's

like for truck you know but instead it would support 150 pounds it doesn't not it supports steel very well but it does not support Chinook well at all on he's 80 pounds all right I'm nervous oh also if you guys I just want to say this if you guys buy anything used for you know anything any animal make sure your pets are up to date on vaccines clean it please especially but you know I mean if it's like t totally disgusting don't use it return it you know what I mean but nothing wrong with second hand I love second hand I love thrifting all that stuff love finding great deals but you know if it's something like insanely dirty you know and you just can't save it you know what I mean it's just not worth the risk so go to Walmart oh okay okay [Music] that's the only bad thing no instructions but hopefully maybe we'll figure this out here I mean it looks in great shape I mean honestly the only flaw I see you guys you know just like a little Nick let me show you guys now this one says it supports up to 350 pound pets I won't

get my ever hunting on there see if it supports me I was waiting I was waiting to be like you know that person that like falls and breaks their legs after trying to do something crazy but it actually supported me so that's awesome yeah okay so guys I'm gonna scrub this down because I mean honestly I I see nothing wrong also - let's meet this these are like velcroed on it's 60 inch long and it's 19 inches wide and it's 23 inches high can't believe like I can't believe this came already all together had been used it's amazing [Music] Oh Lord here comes steel only need one at time fellas good fella good boy yeah you ready [Music] [Music] say look at the camera say hi guys guys they make me look like pros hey guys I thought I'd do a quick mention real quick so I didn't notice these on the sides but this will help keep it in place and so when you're carrying it it's not flailing around and

yeah that's pretty awesome I love it look at them they're in the circus are you guys into circus huh are you boys into circus yes me she Nikki boys in the circus the circus they think they are I'm so glad you've always loved it I almost didn't think they would mommy's like I'm sitting here acting like I'm in a circus and I love this I want to treat Legation it tastes like I want to mom thank you guys so much for watching I hope this helps you guys I mean this is supporting to Husky so there's every bit of I'd say good hundred and twenty you know pounds on this so yeah guys I'm I hope this helps somebody may be thinking about this I was so lucky and blessed to have found it such an affordable price so happy to have gotten this for them I'm so happy because this is so so much better than what had before so much easier on me so much easier on them I don't have to worry about I'm like falling or anything it's super sturdy ly worth it it was worth the price I paid I honestly can't believe it came to me in such great great shape and condition it's awesome absolutely love it absolutely recommend

can't go wrong thank God so much for watching have a great wonderful day [Music]