10 September 2019

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Maxshop Outdoor Portable Pet Carrier,Soft Sided Dog Cat Carrier Airlin Approved Travel Bag (Pink) ****Best price at: https://amzn.to/2QhTRCX null Disclaimer: ...

hi thanks so much for checking out my

review today I'm going to be reviewing this handy little pet carrier I love the color pink and fabric is wonderful um it's a canvas type fabric but it does wipe clean so if you get something on it you can wipe it right off this is a handy little pouch for storing treats there are other necessities on the very front you've got this small little window here that gives ventilation then you can kind of peek in on your baby and then you've got a nice large viewing area up here you can see that my kitty cat shadows inside shadow hey baby she likes to help mommy with a product testing when it's for animals and then over here you've got a like a little quick access area here says a piece you can just reach your hand inside I know good but one would get you out of it where you can reach your hand inside and reassure your pet especially if you're traveling it comes with these great padded handles and there's also a nice little area here also to reach your hand inside to pet your your animal or to give them treats or so forth now the access panel here on the front is nice and large it does come with a a padded shoulder strap which is wonderful if

you're taking more than one pet at a time see the Betts and it has a quick-release clip here on the front now I think shadows about ready to to bail on me but that'll give me an opportunity to show you the inside now shadow is generally add but a normal sized kitty cat hanging through it baby what's it doin hi what you think can you tell the nice folks what you thought about your little carrier and you can kind of see in here that she fills it up pretty good but I think that that would just make her feel a little more safe secur to know that she's got tight surrounding this pad underneath her she may not want to come out after all this pad underneath her it has a nice little I don't know what you'd call it like a little fabric case and then under the case there is a piece of cardboard that is covered in the same nylon fabric that is here so if your your animal gets sick on the way to the bed or it has car sickness or something and the cardboard comes out and you can completely wash with this pad right here let's give you up inside a little idea with that your animals feel like when they're in here it's a little tight but you know what if

you've got a small pet it'll work out just fine this would be so cute for those little teacup poodles or chihuahuas I have small chihuahuas but they still didn't they didn't care for this this was a little too tight for them as you see shadows pretty happy that the door is open and she could leave at her convenience and she's choosing to stay inside and it might just be because mommy's giving her attention but she doesn't seem to be in any stress whatsoever it's a handy little product I really like it thanks so much for checking out my review I hope this information has been helpful to you if you're shopping for a pet a new pet carrier again this would work out great for the smaller pets kittens puppies maybe something that probably under eight pounds this would work wonderful for what do you think shadow you'd give it two thumbs up two paws up even what you think you think you can hang in here when it's time to go to the vets oh she's so sweet well thanks so much for checking out my review I hope it's been helpful to you

if you're considering purchasing this product have a great day and happy Amazon shopping