06 November 2008

Rope Ladder

How to tie a Rope Ladder - from http://www.SelfMadeSailor.com - A handy, sturdy, and secure way of making a ladder entirely out of rope.

rope ladder so to make a rope ladder get

yourself a nice long piece of rope probably fifty or sixty feet be required to make four or five four or five runs find the center of it roughly which I've done here and I'm just going to tie just a quick bowline on the bite just to give them give us a nice loop and a in a starting point and then as we build the rungs we can adjust this so that the rungs late we have a perfectly centered and to start things off I guess throw yourself a turn like that and another one and this is going to be the beginnings of your first run okay from here we're going to take the other leg now this is going to be a little bit the first few rungs are a bit messy to do because you've got an awful lot of line you're working on they basically come through the loop over top of the standing part and I'm just going to start winding this around quite a few times until I've wound all the way down to the other end here so I'll just sort of take my time and go to it and traps missing and you can speed this up on on the actual alright that's good enough for the moment so once you get down towards the end of this I or once this rung is as

wide as you need to feed this the part that you've been making the turns with through through the eye here and the eyes I'm going to get pulled tight on the other side oh my god this will twist it up something so we've got one run and you'll want to take a little bit of time and just twist this type so that it's nice and hard okay so that's run number one and then from here starting from the same side that we we did the underpinnings for the run use the same side this is now the short the short side just do this exact same pattern again and then over over top underneath and start turning until you've got another room and basically just keep doing that until you run okay so I've been working turns around here working towards the eye on the second run and I've basically gotten far enough for now so we'll pass this through the eye on pull this whole bit through here of course as you as you go along your rope is going to be getting shorter and shorter so it's going to be quicker and easier for each subsequent run and just pull the two eyes nice and tight and spend a little time to snug these up and to get these standing parts of the rungs

to be the same length and then once again further for the third run follow the exact same pattern just like this work this guy here under and started going again and once you've got all your runs complete you can then take this I portion you can see if we're pulling here there's more tension on one side than the other so you may have to retie this too I make these these legs of equal length that doesn't take much fiddling to get it right and there you have of yourself a root letter