12 February 2019

Rover Pet Sitting FAQs

Rover Pet Sitting Frequently Asked Questions Join Rover (aff link): https://refer.rover.com/s/Sarah908 My ebook: Master Pet Sitting with Rover: ...

hey guys it's Sara and Stella and we're

back with a frequently asked questions about pet sitting on Rover video so this video is going to cover all the questions that people have asked me over the last three years of pet sitting on Rover make sure you check the link check the information box underneath because I'm gonna be linking to some other helpful content for you there as well so the first question is is there an age requirement how old do you have to be to Pet sit on Rover Rover requires that you are at least 18 years of age and they do require a background check let me put her down and before I continue I believe the background check is 10 to 30 dollars but it's well worth it because as with any job people want to see that you're serious about it and your clients want to make sure that you're not some criminal taking care of their animals the second question how do you get paid through Rover there's two options if you're old school like my Uncle Joe who pets it's for Rover you can get paid with a check I don't know how often they send out checks because I prefer to get paid with PayPal that's the other way that you can get paid through Rover is

through PayPal and they will pay you automatically two business days after each booking ends can you care for cats on Rover that's the other question although Rover is called Rover which makes you think of dogs you can care for cats on Rover and I have done so when doing home visits although there isn't a specific cat's category on Rover how to find how to set this up is to go to the home visits category and set your price there and you'll see a drop-down menu for home visits for cats home visits for dogs you can even set your rate if you want to just walk dogs or give baths to dogs there's a whole bunch of stuff you can set your rates on for the home visits next question can you pick and choose what size and type of animals you take care of yes that's why I love pet sitting with Rover because I only take care of small dogs I love all dogs but I know my limits and I'd rather pick up poop this the size of a suit zero then poop that the size of Stella the Chihuahua but yes you can pick and choose what kinds of dogs you watch you can you can do home visits you can choose to just do walks you can just choose to take care of cats in their

home it's very flexible you can just go in and do that when you set up your profile so can you pets it if you have other pets at home yes you can you you need to be up front about this when someone is trying to book you and it actually Rover has a spot in your profile for introducing people to your other pets so I currently don't have other pets at home I started Pet Sitting after one of my dogs died after my only dog died but I know a lot of pet sitters that have like three other dogs or they have a couple of cats or they have one cat the key is that you really want to make sure when you are onboarding a new client or introducing yourself to a new client and their animals that you do a meet and greet to make sure that these animals all get along and are gonna be a good fit for you by the way I'm linking to my meet and greet video how-to and tips underneath this video so if you want to watch that check it out let's move on another question is what type of insurance you need to be a pet sitter on rover now Rover does cover some things it's been three years and type it on there so because I do so much pet sitting I have my own pet sitting

insurance policy through pet care insurance calm and disclaimer I am NOT a pet I am NOT a insurance professional I am not a lawyer so I am linking to another helpful video that somebody else made about business liability insurance and they talk about what it covers and they talk about what insurer they recommend because I'm not an insurance expert so those are just a few questions to get you started if you have any more questions about Pet Sitting with Rover or Pet Sitting in general drop them underneath this video let me know what content you want to see next thanks again