13 June 2015

Royal Kennels Raw & Uncut video! American Bully Breeder

American Bully Pups for sale.

good morning my beautiful people my name

is Brian with Roger kennels and I got a special video today for y'all I had a I had an individual man who asked me if I was going to do the raw uncut video the Royal kennel throwing like a video of the puppies and I and I must say man that meant a lot to me you know because we are we are looking on Facebook every day you know Instagram YouTube you know we know people we go by the houses I've traveled state to state you know all over you know to go and see see dogs and you know you you truly wonder if people really be paying attention on Facebook if they actually liking statuses and comment on static statuses because they like your dogs because you are popular individual or whatever the case may be and for somebody to tell me that they actually wanted to see the Royal kennels raw uncut video it kind of touched me man so that's exactly what I'm gonna give that person you know I'm not gonna say the individuals name but I greatly appreciate them and I appreciate all y'all you know who are who showed me love you're not saying that support the bullying movement man that that's real cool man it's something that we all like doing I knew they keep a lot of us out

of trouble out of the streets you know what I'm saying and actually keeps us home and doing something positive you know and I respect it because that's what it does for me you know I got a few shout outs you know of course talk my wife you know I'm saying I give her a major shout-out with those same she actually lets me do whatever I want to do with the yard and that's that's a major thing you know I'm say in a marriage and in a home you know she bare a particularly on how I do things you know I'm signing that's real cool to me and I appreciate her last video I gave a shout out to all my mentors which I will do again I appreciate y'all you know y'all know who they are you know I'm not gonna say individuals names I feel like y'all just retreated over y'all and I think y'all a couple of special shoutouts oh my god my brother Reggie design Victor he he made us these royal kennels his and her cups the decal he made his mouth space all kind of because actually I greatly appreciate you man the decal actually sold one of the puppies I had someone flagged me down you know seen the sticker which is

awesome man that that's really cool man I appreciate you and I'm a tag I'm a tag him in the video for anybody who want to get the decal you know I'm saying that's that's the man they go to I mean the product is amazing the turnaround is real good you know so y'all had a time a few people asked about the water Kenneth decal who once supported when their vehicles means so much man and he's the man that go to another shout out my boy Joe Anthony you know we're rockin clothing line I got a shirt on right now you know what I'm saying y'all check him out do do this amazing and I others seen some as work like advance and you know like the show in initial show banners or anything you want to bring for you your dogs to support your kennel with the shoulder clothes the whole nine yards but dude this dude is awesome man so y'all get at it man and I'm not gonna prolong it too long you know I'm gonna get this show on the gold Manor so now what we have what I'm gonna do I have four available puppies off of this litter we had a healthy litter of seven six males and one female all the puppies survived which is

awesome you know I was in here this this right here I'm live in the welcome room right now this is where I deliver them you know if they don't need a c-section I'm in here with them I'm getting down and dirty with them you know because I love it you know and we had them in here then here now the mother lives in here 24/7 you know I've tried I did whatever I could man to make it as comfortable as possible for him and I'm gonna get get this show on the road and show you all the puppies man so I'm only gonna show you all the available ones I'm gonna start with this dude right here he's a two week and three day old male you can see the side of this guy nice tail nice mug all right give him a big yarn I mean he sees he's a beautiful puppy sucking alone stop moving beautiful puppy he is available this is my boy right here number two they're all sleeping here we have another available male I mean you can see you almost looks just like his brother another full clean tail just different patches on it nice nice sized head nice beautiful mug I mean he's just all beautiful beautiful

puppies and especially for a two week old puppy I mean they you can tell they here we have another male another big boy real big boy nice beautiful beautiful face man head huge nice muzzle not too sharp not too long full tail he has the white white underneath with the bean with the blue ticks beautiful boy beautiful boy and this bad doing right here another huge mailman see a body on these pillars I mean extremely healthy nice full of tail he's a almost all blue with the right on his face beautiful beautiful dollar nice head diesel deselect fancy hit really really really put it down on this one go one buddy and that's that's the four available pups that we have here I want to thank you all for tuning in to the video feel free to like comment share you know this video is gonna be on YouTube as well YouTube Facebook I mean just y'all get it out man let the people see what we got going on here on man that's what it's all about you know we live rollin that cut Royal kennels is how we do it man thank you all again god bless man we

love y'all thank you all so much