14 January 2017

Ruff tough kennel up close

My review of the large ruff tuff kennel sorry it's not the best but I think it would help if you are thinking about buying one! If you have questions please feel free to ...

everyone this is my review of the rough

tough candles they have videos out now but I don't think they really look at them as closely and when I see a review I want to see it up close and personal as much so you can tell what you're buying I guess this is the large one and it's very durable I didn't know I didn't think it would be that durable until it arrived I word it on Amazon I'll have to look and see it I remember how much I paid for it but it wasn't bad it was like 230 bucks and that sounds like a lot but if you think about it when you buy plastic handles and your dog like mine for instance there's a psycho and decides to flip them and destroy them then you just kind of it all adds up so anyways you can see it's got holes up here there to mold it into the kennel these up here or fur handles you can buy these on the corners or for or you can get trays to mount to them or you can stack the kennels on top if you have more than one they have bolts down here but two kennels together each side I believe yep there's someone in the back as well - so it is one piece kennel it's not a two piece which I like because my dog like I said it was a psycho can break out of it

the other thing I liked about it is this door can't really tell has holes or you mold it into the door so you can put a they have a shield you can buy it's black that I guess keeps Wyatt out or something or protects the dog from getting his claws stuck into the door I just went to the local hardware store and got some plexiglass stainless bolts so they won't rust cost me like six dollars and seventy five cents pretty easy another thing is there's a lock kit that you can buy that you can slide through here comes with a piece of you install here and you can put a padlock on there so it'll keep them if you have your dog in the back of your truck or whatever you don't want stealing them or something like that I guess I'm not real sure but it's a very good kennel it's built like I said a lot better than I anticipated they also make a bunch of other stuff too if you look on their website they have 12-volt fans that'll bolt to the door to keep your dog cool they have a camel pad with holes in it so if you're a waterfowl hunter your dog is or whatever got a lot of water to drain

down into this recessed area all around the kennel so I'm really really happy with it I hope this review helps I said I've tried doing a little detail it's more detailed and what I've seen they have videos where they drop weight on it and stuff and it does really well compared to the plastic ones so I mean you can spend like I did a bunch of money replacing kennels or you can just spend the 230 bucks I think it was and get you a durable one so he that's a little psycho right there it does good outside I think he just had separation anxiety referred Shorthairs are known for that so well yeah leave comments do you want any questions thank you