02 October 2019


Travel Vlog - Scotland Edition - 11 day House Sit in Rural Scotland We have a number of unique house sits lined up during our year adventure overseas, with ...


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning from Scotland we are currently doing a hasit in rural Scotland in beautiful Glen orky so this is actually our first ever house it the idea came to us by a couple of people who also suggested that we look into house-sitting as a way to keep our accommodation expenses down whilst we're travelling for a year so we found this side it's called trusted house sitters that we signed up for it in about July since then we've been approved for about four different house sets across the UK it's huge in the UK and Australia really popular and America not so much in other parts of Europe especially not in Asia and Southeast Asia so keep that in mind we've been looking after a little four month old puppy called Barney who's very destructive as you will see each morning we have a bit of a routine so we walk up and we take the hydro reading yeah they've got their own stream that comes from a fresh spring at the top of this

hill and it goes all the way down into the main river and they actually have their own hydro plants set up their tiny little one and yeah they generate all their own electricity from there we then take the dog for a big walk for about to run Barney and hopefully tired him out a bit all around the property we do take him to the far end of the property and we run him around to burn off some of his energy sometimes there's a lot of energy sometimes it doesn't a few hours later we go and do the hens so we feed the hens and we collect the fresh eggs we let them out for the day keep the dog inside whilst they're out because they don't get along the dog likes to attack the hens from there we usually just relax and take it easy I've been doing a lot of video editing catching up on that and Francis has been planning our whole Scottish road trip and then in the late afternoon we'll cook some dinner we'll pick some fresh vegetables from the Polly tunnels they've got lots and lots of kale tomatoes cucumbers zucchinis great great so many grapes so we go in there every day and we pick up fresh fruit and broad beans which are quite rare to find an

Australian we've been absolutely loving them as well root shapes or Jerusalem artichokes which are a bit of a pain to dig up when there's plenty of grass cover oh absolutely delicious this meal is entirely homegrown except for the broccoli so we've got broad beans eggs cucumber tomatoes lettuce and kale all fresh from the organic garden the owners here they've actually been so so accommodating in kind a lady she has books on things like mindfulness meditation man he has all these books on like botany and in nature which is very similar to the books we used to read back when we're at home in Australia yes so they're very much a picture of what we want to be in the future because we've always wanted to live really on a big property I have a little bit of a hobby farm and this has been a fantastic opportunity to see to experience it in full and see what we think of it as well as experience colder weather and it's safe to say that we're absolutely loving all of it so now what we're gonna do is show you some of the things we get up to you know day to day life here in this house it so today is a workday we're just catching up on some videos and

planning out our Scotland road trip and it's proving quite difficult with this little fella here he's um he's being a bit of a handful like literally just before he was trying to eat oh he was trying to eat the wood railing and he's got such an attitude he will snap back it funny oh my god Barney anything else he's got this never-ending energy like it's just a car instant ball he just wants lots of love his belly scratches I'm being taken down he's dropping really bad thoughts it's really bad yay yes yes obviously into edit Bonnie says no oh yeah just ate the chair go on go on when you got there so block a timber you managed to pull a blocker timber out okay I think this goes back over here with the rest of them really funny bunny bunny how about this toy look no [Music] this little fella is being ultra cute ultra devious at the same time see there is our lunch up on the counter and we've had to pull this couch out a little bit because this little guy keeps stepping up on the counter trying to get the food today's adventures with Barney he went

from the couch grabbed an egg had it in his mouth crushed it here we tried carrying him outside the egg cracked and just whacked my head in the cellar really really hard and Barney knows something's wrong no my head now look at his face it's covered in dirt because he was just trying to eat this little bit of grass here by having a afternoon picnic and a babbling brook life is perfect we have art sculpture number one megalithic stones sculpture number two and Barney oh my god [Laughter] distracted success oh is that so fanny where is it so you put Barney to bed and after he cried for about five minutes I've come to check on him and he's ripped up all of his newspaper it's our last day here so we're gonna try and I'll climb up this mountain it's been the first clear day we've had in six days it's been raining the whole time and we've wanted to do this hike so we're going to try and catch the sunset but I think we might be too late we'll see how we go [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] this dog stopped deeply how's a big mouth in his mouth [Music] the so gross Barney oh my god he's so he's going to try and eat the trade and the poo the big big ball of boy we just said goodbye to Bonnie and he's crying sand about half sit now and we're about to start upping my truths let's go first up eyeless guy [Music] you