02 March 2010

San Diego Hospice on San Diego Living - Channel 6

The San Diego Hospice "Pawsitive Pals" Pet Therapy Program (http://www.sdhospice.org/volunteer) was featured on "San Diego Living" (XETV Channel 6) as ...

you know if you want to save on fish and

you want to invest in a little kibble instead this weekend is the perfect event for you the doggy street festival is a fun event sunday where you can adopt a new furry friend and learn more about the pet you have and you know best of all it is absolutely free here to share all the information you need to know about the event we've got Isaac we have got Michelle and Danielle and it's wonderful to have all of you guys here today they're bogie to the star of the show sorry guys the bogie is here as well and Isaac you just recently adopted bogey and just like bogie there's gonna be tons of adorable guys and gals just like him that are adoptable on Sunday yeah it's a big big event there's about 40 rescue groups and shelters and they actually bring dogs that people can adopt in the other aspect that's really fun it's really a celebration for dogs we ask people to bring their pets bring their dogs and hang out there's entertainment there's all kinds of stuff it's really a big celebration Bogie's pretty excited about that already we're going to talk a little bit more about the festival but Michelle and Danielle I'm so glad you guys are here because

when people are going to go to the event on Sunday or thinking about it there's so much that education that needs to get out there about spaying and neutering your pet and she'll speak about that um well I'm going to be one of the veterinarians at the ask a pet professional booty on sunday at the doggie street festival and anyone has a to z questions you can approach me and just you know feel free to ask whatever but in terms of spaying and neutering it's just one of those messages that is forever being trying to you know break through I just like to think of it as for every puppy that's born to you know a dog whose family thinks wow you know it would be such a great opportunity for my dog to have a puppy for every litter that's out there that's a equal amount of that litter in the shelter that's not being adopted Wow so really really think strongly about spaying or neutering your pet for for the whole community just you know so we make sure that when you have your next event there's not as many dogs that have to be adopted and Danielle you're here today because you have a very special job where you help dogs

turn into therapy dogs to help people at hospice I'm actually the positive house coordinator at San Diego hospice in the Institute for palliative medicine and we use dogs like bogie to bring comfort and compassion to our patients throughout San Diego County so we have certified teams of dogs and a team is a four-legged member and a two-legged handler and together they go out and they visit our patients in their homes and long-term care settings and at our inpatient units as well there are a whole list of things that you guys do but briefly walk us through what does a dog need to do to become a therapy dog well it's important that the dog have a gentle temperament and responds well to crowds and two children is not easily excitable does an exhibit overly aggressive behavior and it's also important to make sure that the doc has been certified through an approved agency such as love on a leash or therapy dogs international therapy dogs incorporated they come to us already certified and then our handlers go through a two-day patient care volunteer training class as well I'm sure you've seen just the quality of life for your

hospice patients just grown tremendously from that experience it is absolutely remarkable these dogs make when they walk into a room in addition to just decreasing feelings of depression and isolation and loneliness they just bring smiles and light up the room it's a remarkable thing yeah it's a wonderful program and I think for folks that are you know gonna go out this week and they're going to bring their dogs and they're gonna meet dogs like bogie what do they need to know about the event then it's free it's become me it for years and it's a Liberty Station you know on rosecrans and there's lots of entertainment there's a koalas which has become the house band of doggy street festival they play rock and roll and there's you know pet professional boots there's food booths there's vendors so it's really a lot of fun for the family and and for the for the dogs you know as Daniel was saying we really have a big debt we owe them a big debt their first responders or therapy dogs they're able to sniff you know diseases in humans that we really did know was capability so we celebrate the dogs and another big thing

is the educational part not only letting people adopt pets there but through adoption through spaying and neutering that's how we can make a dent on unpaid homelessness okay and one big last question can folks go out there and get a big kiss from bogey absolutely okay all right part of the part of the fun all right a little guys thanks for coming on today you got some teeth on you Isaac Michelle and Daniel thank you so much great success at the second event this year that is going on liberty station and all the information is going to be on our website or two so folks gonna check it out the dash not today San Diego living comes right back you