08 August 2019

Santana explaining his “walk em like a dog” lyrics

yeah well this this I understand I've

never got bitch life and finds me like bitch I wrap that baby bet my life like for real bitch shit I really be going on with any talk about it but because I know what this having no other business be quiet now any more of these for home you going through this feeling our beats up being up even ask and I bitch I'm tired of it I'm feeling good I know the Saudi boy - based on the beach that gon be on a motherfucking bike and Stanley called pili pili I know HSL behind thing that's a fire earlier I was on the phone with one of my cousin's from out of town and she was telling shoes I thought I bitch you video I like bitch you famous air I know you suicide bitch my baby daddy fucking with his girl and she was like the grass had made a status on was like oh if this baby mama elevator walking like a tall solid my first night she shames uber choked up that song she was like a young bitch I was so motherfucking in so we still talking she going back and telling a story like their boy ended up calling her life and shoot the head and they're good oh my god Wang Wang I said that she should slow down ho and a bitch that took them from you not seeing the

strength bitch ha because we want to bitch near that some motherfucker being a bitch another one of you want to be here any motherfuckin fiends I'll never stay out of each area yaha stay in a bitch area hold on whether there's a bitch being hung it's bull bitch top two nasty bitch domestic balance on it y'all know bit and y'all take a bitch then again when I get them oh please tell me this in the bed tuck under please peach seed okay anyway instead make it one you would say y'all hoes I'm not a fuck you have to fuck for nothing if you don't look like shit yelling oh so you got a thought for you motherfucker thing you're not at all oh right your mouth talks with it though run your mouth and keep talking to keep talking satirize shit their money you just keep talking he just yeah if you notice there is a 15-8 pants they get the most out of missile now that's what I'm really saying your mind fuck the nigga for being but the middle oh give me you know and you got a little bit way that's gonna put put money up on the whole night all GP like mouth what's up

bitch I got 15 running what it is bitch oh bitch let's see what you wanna do ungawa I see y'all tomorrow bitch see you've got certain whores have to run oh what's that 15 thank you yeah man I wanna sleep another party head on my number hit me up man I say okay I'm their mama take dick she easy everybody might be nice because bitch I know there's a foul ball hey Sheena buzz down beach house or neither brother already Papa 15 she's sucking up 13 not everything to the see me on my head one being oh yeah thank you Oh BOM not gonna wind up Beach fall 5s on a bigger now so what he finally be like okay bitch other day you find being sunny fuck nothing okay but you got two options this is a cheap feeder me time to like fucking or just a step bitch thanks for my fire green cuz you will keep fuckin mama for the 1500 keep your cat way instead make your regular shit jayati this I have loved you so motherfucking home sick from our arms piece a bit wonder who I mean of each elbows I still get it though you don't have se other arms I'm gonna feel like I'm here I'm on fuckin like a boss

kid I said okay I'm sending our Ashley have I never fucking met let's see okay another thing someone has I'm just like right down the pasta go somebody else they asked me um what is the diseased or oh-ho I'm from Rockefeller from down south Oh waffles brother Sun side yeah Digital silence is a bitch day like just you just busy by the middle you deep down the middle and you've no wrong your eyes it's speech it is what the fuck it is countable fuck with anything to death my middle and then my mama I'm taking my nigga babe that's my nigga then if I say senator watch my eye and my car with another bitch fucking money the same sorry sorry that's my nigga that make a letter for my house and their bills fucking holes are in the MA study bitch ain't giving me Sh do you know where I live for that's my nigga yeah that's a dizzy Dora ho bitch stop being teased about a little lie bitch wake the fuck up if a nigga do it you wanna hit it honey a strike fuck Nick y'all words me being a dizzy that's a dick that's a diseased or oh she did look out she hit miss hands over that son

somebody come on now on one date out of the drug war cries she did I don't know what's wrong about the bitch for the yo-yo in front of the beach I don't know that's all I can say on dg2 uh-huh kinda lays out a race game over this except this baby was playing a chick get over this this chapter this baby was playing shit so what my homeboys canteen was that old sis you know cheston's better than checkers I say yeah I know but see that's how I want y'all's you can check out there Chuck we planned two different games we run into the car races that's why I come out on top y'all hos be in another Beach be trying to be in a ditch name and you still end up losing I'm gonna be the type of bitch that I fuck with a nigga and he buy me a car you're gonna be the type of bitch that's fuckin either and he probably biting somebody's see Holly and to the four lanes baby need you to the permissions you might ain't doing it that's how I end up with a sickening nigga cuz there might be an intern something like I opened that bitch your business that whole wrong and then my seat won't be lying home I paired idea

so differences then we plan suited for games pitch leave me alone that's why you lost your shoe trying to be in my name you trying to walk the mind into thinking that sugar get what you feeling it to do for me what I need to do for me you might not do for you both stand in the same or a beer a hollow moon every I got every tooth pain this handy man I don't give any phones the game not gonna see ya Etsy shop Gary here