09 October 2018

Saturday Fun | Nature Walk & A Trip To The Lake

We love our Saturdays. We decided to end the night with a walk and a trip to the lake! Make sure to subscribe! Kristen & Jordan Justagirlsheart.com.

hey guys welcome to our Channel Wow okay

so it is Saturday and it's about what time 6:30 and we are going to go on a walk and take max like a nature walk with him laid out yeah so we figured we would do a short video for you guys we haven't really done a lot today Jordan had paperwork from his work week this week he has clinicals so he's been working in the church oh yeah so he had paperwork and I did a little bit of schoolwork this morning but we've just been hanging out so we figure we need to get out of the house and get max out of the house as well yes we do you ready to go buddy you so put it on put it on put it on [Music] [Music] it's like a little ropes course they're still like 90 degrees outside they said today this is supposed to be like the last day that's for me in the 90s yeah we sat on the end of this dock right here yeah what is it there's some people these come like touching up so we are back lay it out with a dishrag the dishrag he won't listen up on our oven

okay guys so we are back and we're going to go ahead and in the video here because we are about to eat we are about to eat and we are done with our our little walk so make sure you guys subscribe to our channel and like this video and let us know what you think so yeah bye