09 December 2019

School with my service dog/ training

He is doing amazing for being so young and still in training I cant wait to see how many other tasks he will perform!


[Music] what do BYE MOM I'll see you at 10:31 baby boy very good leave it so so I'm just gonna wait for an or until she gets you or I'll just all right I can go downstairs and I can do something all right okay thank you sir sir sir sit stay you stink look at my bag down it's a heel alert like yeah ah come sit good boy very good sit sit so down don't leave it they don't good boy stay stay okay boys [Music] [Music] it's your fun sit sit stay this is gonna be amazing boy what my camera is so blurred you okay beautiful buddy leave it look at me good boy very good your stay good stay look at me very good you

good boy very good does my boy it's a very good boy sits sits look at me ah leave it look me good boy good focus very good stay stay ah sit leave it sit no no no leave it with me stay good boy yes he's still in training but he's doing honestly and amazing at it did you come sit up here sit good boy down look very good difficult so I'm probably gonna NDC but that's some of the tasks he knows he's learning more but I just wanted to share that with you guys and yeah I hope you enjoy this video and to keep everybody updated yes he is still in training he's doing amazing though but he's been doing great and outings and stuff he's done amazing in restaurants and the only problem I haven't really ran into an access issue but I have had little kids run up and their parents were uneducated on what this dog was and what his purpose is for him and I just simply say he's medical equipment and that he is working and