08 November 2018

Secret Hike and a CHEESE CASTLE!? | Pet Vlog 84 2019

This was the last day camping as it was supposed to rain a lot and Charles was planning on heading out. Want to see the dogs TALK!?

she's like I'm ignoring you it's our

last day we're hanging out kind of saying bye to everybody there's the girls the thorak doing all the snips banana but now what happened to your face what what banana sit what happened to your face white why banana what did you do are you a dirty dog are you a dirty dog you packed up her tent it's gone Daniels behind me right there making derp face it was a lot of fun the weather was pretty good even though was a little chilly but it's okay Chili's fine today was supposed to rain and it looked like he did the wood this morning it kind of dries a little bit but it didn't seem bye to everybody that faraway future single rides Brenda next time [Music] [Music] [Music] we're heading out from our campsite right now and Charles is behind us just cut staying a little longer and she'll go on adventures of her own I'll go home who knows but where we don't know where we're gonna go but we would like to kind of see some stuff along the way as we go down through Wisconsin we're thinking about maybe finding some cheese related

places because Wisconsin's name for cheese this is my thing great hmm so we'll see we'll see where we end up going you [Music] - Oh silly we're gonna try to come down to the river check if there's any driftwood and that's kind of it I don't think it's a big hike well it's good to stretch our legs a little bit but it is like I'm too thin for for this cold water no you're not trying to find some he will go through far about 100 to a ball oh you can see the river here I guess that's why there's that whirlpool here because the water comes here and then it kind of goes in a circle and it comes back around again my bill pickle you're nice I would yeah yeah yeah who's posing Instagram dog over here doing are you looking into my shoe oh you're my chauffeur so what you're starting a little bit I wish I wish I could see more fall colors because in Chicago it kind of like lasts a day and then it turns brown yeah we have fall colors run out but it's too

warm down there right now I don't see it started they're running to Daniel where you going buddy he just caught fire coming I just found Daniel it's good he's like although that's cute business backdrop epic I feel like hit equals we're gonna sit there was leakage you think they get by good boy thank you for coming [Music] more pretty look I don't know why it's so perfectly two pieces are going to cut throwing it whoa this is the moth I'm going to take home set to make it to Mary picking it up door come on [Music] [Music] were you happy with the mosque show me show me how many you got well there's a worm in there well they all have worms in it look at that mushroom we see cute I'm just trying to get different types of mosses [Music] [Music] [Music]

huh pretty nice wave out here there's a random stop and anyways you found this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you're one not plan what are you my puppy even me what are you doing are you doing come on I'm filming you crawling all over the place I don't want to [Music] what did it do I'm not very good at its reversing terrain hast I don't have the right shoes and I have my stretchy pj pants I was not expecting this I think he smells an animal because this happened before we were South Dakota she got in his trail and she started getting super excited like hey she starts tracking and in doing so Mazen Jesus not into me finish trying to fetch the tree I didn't put a deep well take it off she's like but but she can't leave now she's like I must get it we have to stay here tonight we got a separate entry here she's gonna

be doing this for the rest of the night it's a bubble that's a bubble you tried to grab anyway Dogo hey Wayde dog come on extra window yeah right okay poor booboo found in the water Bana Plus thank you trying to sneak off still want to run no we're gonna make a beautiful teri on my home I want to go to I want to go to Michael's and I want to get on a jar with a lid a big jar and I want to make a beautiful teri I'm bananas please let's yes yeah [Applause] doggie potty break by this little tiny tiny leg and back of the cheese castle we've gone to the cheese castle this is like where Shelby would reside as Queen they would rule together this king and queen of the cheese castle that would be so cute cheese castle of cheese we're gonna go to the cheese castle just ah geez [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]