29 March 2018

Service Dog Bathing and Training supplies!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are having a pawfect day. This video will be on Bathing products I use and How I Use them as well as Training supplies I use and ...

hey guys so today I'm just gonna go over

some products that I have for Sammy my service dog and just kind of things that I got as she was a puppy and things that I use now and some things that I don't use and I don't recommend and all that fun stuff so I have grooming supplies training supplies service dog related supplies so I'm gonna start with grooming supplies so without further ado let's get started so the first thing I have for her is shampoo because she is a service dog I do like to keep her clean I bathe her every two weeks to every four weeks I'm just depends on like how much she's been outside and the weather and how much she's shedding and smelly and all that great great stuff right so she's a jock Russel Shelton mix so she sheds a lot I never realized how much dogs can shed until I got hurt because as a kid I grew up with hyper allergenic dogs so I never dealt with the shedding until I got her she's my first dog with fur instead of hair so I have this amazing shampoo like I don't know if it really helps with shedding I haven't really found a difference with her shedding using this specifically but it smells so good I think it's a plum scent and I

just really like how it smells it lathers nice and I find her skin doesn't get itchy sometimes she itches a lot after I bathe her um and she doesn't have that with this I definitely like that and because she shed so much my that recommended getting the Furminator product so I have a conditioner um I figured cuz like I don't know I couldn't find the shampoo when I went out so I just got the conditioner and then I got this like natural dee shouting shampoo but I might try the shampoo after because I don't really like the one that I have now but yeah so this is nice it smells good it's like a gentle kind of like soapy smell and I find it makes her really soft if your dog has longer hair it would be really really nice I let it sit in her hair or fur for about five to ten minutes depending on how well she is doing yeah and I like it because it actually does really work I find a huge difference after using this product as well as it smells nice and it makes her really soft the next product I am going to show you guys is the next it's like a spray um

yeah so it's a shed control spray I got when she was a puppy and I absolutely love this stuff it smells amazing it actually does help with her shedding no idea how much it helps like I didn't know that products like this actually worked so well anyway so I got this it was like part of a deal at Petsmart when I went I got shampoo and this one was free so I got like one product got the second one for free so this one's apricot and it's like a spray and it's supposed to help with odor control and shed repel so it keeps like the hair from shedding and if it does it doesn't do it as quickly I guess the process but it works really well and it smells really good like if I'm not bathing her like in between bathes bath beads in between baths or showers I will use this and it freshens her smell up and it also makes your coat soft and the shedding under control the next thing that I have related to grooming is this Martha Stewart pets a natural ear cleaner she absolutely hates this stuff she does not like it I didn't work with her a lot with her eaters like putting stuff in her ears as a baby she's fine with me touching them but though they could

going in oh my god it's a it's quite the process cleaning her ears we're still tweaking how we're doing it I don't do it as often um as I like to just because um she puts up such a fuss and I usually need help so I can't do it by myself so I have to wait for someone to come and help me but it does really help the smell her ears don't smell cuz they're upright so just get a lot of bacteria but they do like she's a dog so small so just kind of freshens it up and cleans them out and you'd be surprised how much gunk can get in your dog's ear so I definitely recommend getting an ear cleaner especially if you have a dog with floppy ears because they're more prone to ear infection and bacteria build up the next thing I am going to talk about is oral care so I have this liquid breath freshener Nylabone it smells really good and she doesn't mind it in her water so what I do is like I have a big picture of water and I'll measure out the correct amount of cleaner into the water and I leave it in the fridge and I just top up her water with this and it keeps your breath smelling a lot gross not smelling as gross it's my grocery no the

opposite of that we wanted to smell fresh so I have this I like it she if I put too much though I noticed she doesn't like the taste of it so I try to add just the right amount yeah and it keeps her breath smelling minty and fresh and clean and that's nice when we're working or if she drinks some water before bed because she sleeps with me and no one wants to ki dog breath yeah she's like sleep right here so the next thing I'm gonna talk about that I have for her our brushes so the brushes that I have and I use religiously I literally uses every day to every other day because she will shed nightmarishly if I don't and it is the Furminator separately down anyway so I have the Furminator for medium to small dogs I honestly I got this other one it's called forego pet I thought I lost this one when I moved so I'm like oh my god another brush for her and I couldn't find this one at my local Walmart and the only one they had at the pet smart I went to was a Furminator and everyone tells me oh they're so great they're so great the best brush ever now I do not see a difference I'm gonna be honest with you from the Furminator which I

paid $70 for versus the forego pet which I paid $10 for the prongs are identical sizes the only difference is this is a little shorter and this has like this Woods gets you they tell you oh is so much better because look oh I don't know if you can see that but like this blue comes on and it like takes the hair out it like keeps it from getting caught in the bristles but with her hair honestly I don't even need I don't even use this function I literally just pull it out whatever it's not a big deal so if I were to I mean I love these brushes don't get me wrong if this didn't exist I would totally have bought in this anyway but I just don't think that you have to pay crazy price when there are just as good knock-offs the next thing I'll talk about is this brush I got this brush when she was a baby before I got the firm inators just cuz like I didn't want to use something really harsh from her with her puppy skin and a puppy fur so when I bathed her I would massage it in with this brush it's just like a rubber brush with like really like they're not even that pointy and they're soft and they're flexible so they don't hurt them just

like massage and it helps lift all that dirt because I found as a puppy she got really gross and muddy cuz she decided that she's gonna roll everywhere yeah that's it okay so the next product I am gonna be showing you guys is nail clippers so I actually have two sets of y'all slippers I got and pair of nail clippers when she was a baby and then somebody gifted these to me so um I don't know where her other ones are I put them somewhere and I can't find them now but anyway I'll just show you these ones clarin actually use the other ones I used these ones mainly so these I honestly I do want to try a dremel because I've made mistakes with her paws and I really don't want to hurt her but anyway so this is it's like a guillotine you just like guillotine their nails I like it it has a really good blade it gets something else quick she is getting better at nail trimming she was never amazing with it but um she's getting better the more I work with her and so I'm gonna go on to things that I mean I do have a toothbrush for her but I don't even eat cheese paste so it's kind of weird I just like the toothbrush and paste with a paste she hates she can't

take the taste of the paste so I have to go buy her some more but she's really good with me brushing her teeth she doesn't care the next thing you're gonna go on a boat is like training supplies I guess so when she was a baby like she's a jock Russell and honestly like this can be a trait for any dogs that are chewers get bitter apple spray I cannot tell you how much this has saved my life a little goes a long way I haven't even used hat like I probably used about half of this bottle since I got her and she's almost 2 now so this is great it works um I use it when she nibbles on her skin if she gets like irritation or allergies I'll spray it so she doesn't leave because she gets like pretty drastic when she chews her paws I'm so sprayed this one repulses she's having issues there or on furniture or clothes or anything that like she thinks is a toy but isn't sure yet um I use a trainer out of chewing things and it works amazing you spray it on a few times and for her anyway she's learned I don't want to chew that cuz this stuff tastes terrible another thing I have for training now now any dog you're gonna train with you

like for me anyway I prefer to have a pouch so this is her training pouch it is a pet safe treat pouch and it's a I actually love this they come in two sizes this size which is it gets like the large and then they have one that's about half this size and it just clips on to your waist and or even I think it has like it has like this bit too so I guess you can clip it on to your pants and there's two pouches the first one is just a velcro pouch and you can I like to keep our clicker in here and they poop eggs it's actually empty right now cuz I'm gonna clean it and then this part has like a wire opening it also has two compartments inside and it's a really good size it keeps treats relatively fresh not very so if you have like I'm soft treats that get hard I'd recommend putting them like a bag if you're gonna keep them in here and yeah I absolutely love this it has been a lifesaver when training so I don't always have to keep treats in my pocket so then you get nasty treat crumbs in your coat pocket some stuffing last dispose so definitely recommend a treat pouch the next thing I have is when you're not training with your dog

and you're feeding them food I recommend getting a puzzle toy to feed them food so with her she is a very intelligent dog breed so she gets really bored really quick which can be very tiring and taxing especially if you're not feeling well or you just have to live a day-to-day life like doing pretty much anything and you have to you can't pay attention to your dog 24/7 so I have this I keep her kibble think it's 1/2 to 1 cup of kibble for every meal so um I'll put it in here it just fits in here and then she can roll it around as you can tell she's like loves this she figured out how to actually like unscrew it yeah and you can also uh change how big the hole is yeah you can make it smaller you can make a bigger depending on what you're putting in it until it's calm so I have about three of these basic long what I do is I get kibble I mix it with some water I shove it in the comb I put it in the freezer when I go out or I need her occupied I will take it out and it will de thaw and she will be a happy dog because she'll get to eat some food so I'm with her bigger ones I can fit a full half a cup of food in it but these ones are just like little ones

to take if I'm going out I'll put some peanut butter in it stuff like that the next thing you gotta talk about for training is a long leash I have this super long leash I do it for training recall with her when she was a baby um I put her on the leash and that are Wonder I try to work with her on her long distance um come here without in pretty much I can do it anywhere right because she's on a leash I'm side work with like by my house or whatever in the park or the dog park which I don't need the leash for but yeah I really recommend these these come in super handy um if you have a runner or you're trying to teach your dog to respond to you some distance and they are a runner so yeah the next thing I have is a Hall T or as a gentle leader I'm not sure exactly what these are called comment below if you know the correct name for this because I always forget it anyway so I ordered this one off of Amazon I absolutely love these she eats things off the ground occasionally or on a walk so I'm training her to not do that by gently directing her face towards my looking up at me so I really like these they're great they don't tug on the neck

it keeps her from pulling and yeah I really recommend it um like I'd recommend starting from a puppy with training with these because she still doesn't like it and I trained with her as a puppy but not as early as I would have liked and she still doesn't like these so I recommend starting very young without putting on the ones that go in the face the next thing I am going to talk about is a lint roller so everyone knows your dog sheds get a lint roller you can get these look adorable ones in the dollar store which are like little tiny ones like carry ones and I keep one of those in her that's actually and I absolutely love it I'll do another video on what I keep in her best and all her service dog gear if you guys want to see that let me know comment down below if you guys want to know anything specifically or whatever along that line sweets come out she has her toy and she thinks just eaten it and the next thing I'm gonna talk about is I might get a little bit of controversy on this controversy on this is this little muzzle um this is only for training purposes I only put it on her very occasionally um

so because she has a baby she literally ate everything off the floor she ate socks multiple times and had to go for surgery twice this happened and my that told me while you're doing laundry or if there's a lot of things that you're doing that involves students on the floor like I don't know um I do like a lot of like looking at my taxes and stuff and she likes to grab loose papers and run around on them so um and I don't want her to choke and she will eat paper and cardboard so if I'm doing something that involves like softer things on the floor cleaning I'll put this on for a little bit just until I'm done just so she doesn't eat it she's fine with it it's very comfortable I don't leave it on her for long periods of time um but yeah I do recommend this if you have a dog that eats things because that's expensive and you don't want to hurt them like I'd rather to put a muzzle on my dog for 15 minutes then her eating a sock and needing surgery that's worse for my budget and for her life I don't want to put her life in jeopardy and if a small thing like a muzzle for 10-15 minutes is gonna prevent her from getting hurt I'm okay

with that yeah so please don't comment hateful things about me using a muzzle I know it's very controversial but I'm not using it in an abusive thing all tools can be used wrongly even unregular collar and leash can be used badly or unprofessionally or abusively so as long as you know how to use the tool and you've consulted it with a trainer and might that so um yeah just so you guys are aware anyway that's everything for this video please give my video a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more videos and without further ado I will cut see you guys in my next video let me show you Sammy milk and cue yeah bye see you next time