09 September 2019

Service dog bathtime

hey what everybody hears myself smoke in

training Chloe and so she's getting a bath because she she likes this um she is she rolled in her poop and I don't think she meant to but if you guys can't even tell you're looking like that I think we're gonna be using rose hips okay it's okay for animals there are minerals oils or silicones it doesn't have any yeah okay but we're gonna be using that I know she does but you have to and this is my crystal ball good wait yeah this is a little bit here she murders the water so like it's fine okay I just kind of said sex about basic senses so some stuff on since it's it's the puppy girl standing here by my dad's not to get in your office it's here for free if she says warning I'm not hurting her I just know we're gonna use the [Music] Henderson minute Oh what and I'm wearing this just for tomorrow because okay you're know [Music] I am washing my service dog but like raisin also knows on the video ah or at least I hope you did so we

accidentally hurt someone accidentally dropped coca cola on her so it probably wasn't an accident they were probably just being mean and yeah um but they dropped their coca cola on her and she got all sticky and we haven't given her a bath she fell asleep when we go home and she was asleep ever since so yep I film that yesterday but she's getting a bathroom now because like why not she fell asleep for a while but then we had to go somewhere today I'm kidding we're filming it in the same day also this is non-gmo vegan vegan soft hopefully you guys can