12 August 2019

Service Dog goes mini golfing?!

Hey ya'll! Thank you so much for watching! We hope you enjoyed it :) Stay tuned for future vlogs. They'll get better, I promise lol See ya in the next one!

hey guys so um I'm gonna head to the

mall with my cousin but yeah so y'all can come along with me and I guess see how boring my life is here and I'll show you a better you know view later but he is sporting his collars harness and I have my bag ready I also have a fanny pack and his hands-free leash and this is a pull strap but I'm probably going to use it as a traffic league so now we're just waiting for our lift did you see Eddie oh by the way look at the eighties I think our ellipsis here it I'm doing exercises eat up so if it's the French just fight it yeah yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] okay so now I am waiting for my cousin to get here I'm gonna text her one more time to see if she got here yet but I am at the mall not soda

people lots of cars and we not have many they thought they were going to be but it's a lot of them so I just let him go potty and now we're just gonna wait matter what my cousin she is in Starbucks already you know getting a lot of compliments no pets so far questions of course like always that um these are pretty good hey guys so you want to go back it was okay this is rose I mean I call a rose but she's lots of going by rosettes I didn't know you drink all never mind that's concerning that you left it on the sing um just a bubble some water because you know haha probably we're going mini golfing so yeah we're going to walk into mini golf plays we're going to meet up somebody else also settle quick outfit of the day you know just well I was it's called somebody telling with this little thing bang on what's called either doesn't or time orange numbers what was in his heel and we got a head out again again where are we and how far until we get to the thing pretty far to be honest because I don't want either of them because like I've been here a lot so I know this place this mall is literally like a giant circle so you

just kind of walk around until you find what you're looking for unless you really want to look at a map I mean eventually you're going to get there one way or another but I mean it is it [Music] easy yeah okay you're lucky are you serious Thanks [Music] we got Oh [Music] that's tough [Applause] wait and my last days off are you Oh the bit bro-bro oh my gosh [Music] what is in the tunnel it's been the whole tunnel we've been to the home for so long that he literally just laid down and was like oh no so I think it'd be the only one who is able to make it in the whole nails so I'm just kidding it's like the first time I've actually got at first but uh finally somebody got

it find out again he's like y'all got stuck no one's ever gonna we're not going to get out of here [Music] I think use something like a little loud pieces of it you're stuck I'm gonna take my horse to the ribbon pretzel or is it Ernest what the thing that's in the horse is that a ferris wheel a merry-go-round yeah I want to go in there so we just got chuckles and drink she got pretzels and drink I didn't get anything because I'm not that hungry while this lighting is like winding right seriously blinding and even an antler but I think he's done with it really but he's doing really good so far we had a little issue with the goal between the golf course towards the end I accidentally whacked him in the chin with the golf club and then he became like extremely terrified of it after that happened I kind of just hit him outside gave him a break for a little bit he came back in and just kept his distance from the golf course like I made him you know go down stay away from where we were and we

didn't have to be near the golf club eventually just decidedly because it was really really long like way longer than I expected it to be I thought those would be quicker than it was what are you looking for okay basically done where we going to walk around she could walk around yes more cardio I don't like cardio time to do an uber car yet let's go to Bass Pro Shop I love that job ok but ok so we are now going to walk over to Bass Pro Shop they went ahead while I kind of let bull go to the bathroom but he didn't have to go so we're just gonna go back inside to try to find them sit focus good boy ok wait focus flipper good boy with me [Music] [Music] [Music] to the camera I can take a little break is that as a little tired but I'm losing them to finish and he's laying down you're attached to me

okay so this day is kind of coming to an end my cousin and her friend already left so I've kind of just been walking around the mall for a little bit I walked around Ross I'm in Ross right now trying to find a bag like a gift bag and then I have to go to another store and get a gift because Father's Day is coming up they'll probably have already passed by the time this gets posted he's being so good today I'm so proud of him like I really really AM the fact that I haven't had to use the gentle lead at all today has been really really good but yeah so super proud of the progress leave it good I think he really scares that right now it's like children and he loves children so I mean we're still working on completely ignoring them he's doing good he ignored a lot of them today much better than he used to hey that box is it Adam and there is not um guy said it he literally drooling Bubba you're pitiful wait ah okay very hungry everyone this is bear he is our dog that looks like a goat whose name is bear too many animals involved in this what is with us naming our animals after other animals I'm not really sure - so

we left them all already I didn't do an outro just because I mean we were getting tired and I wasn't really feeling it anymore a lot of people and you know I mean once you close your energy he kind of lose your energy to put up with people's BS so I wasn't ready to get out of there mom came to pick me up went stopped and got a Father's Day gift but yeah so right now we're just gonna unwind it's 7:40 - he's eating dinner right now don't you just love love love when people walk by your house as you are vlogging in your garage I look crazy just gonna go back inside now because yeah I don't want to be exhibit a is everyone's entertainment you know what I mean Hey