11 September 2019


hi everyone! this video talks about a few of my favorite resources for getting information on owner training my service and just dog training in general! i have ...

hi everyone it's me and dolo and I'm

back with another video and this time I'm going to be talking about resources that helped me a lot when I was deciding to owner train and still that I still use now to help me out on this wild owner training journey I am filming in a different location with more light so hopefully I don't look as grey and sick as I feel but anyways so when I was turning out on my owner training journey I realized that there was a ton of different resources available training being a handler I have a Tyler to remind me that time is passing because anyways I so when I was starting out on my owner training journey I realized that there was a ton of resources available to me but they were all just spread out so far and wide that it took a lot to find all of them so I just wanted to make a video kind of compiling all of my favorites just for all of my other owner trainers out there so maybe this can help someone to kind of just be able to go to one spot to find out where all of the information is I'm just gonna be talking about books podcasts websites youtubers instagrams all of the stuff that really helped me gather all of the information that I needed and so I hope that this

can help some of you out that are starting out on your journey or you're just already on your journey and you're looking to find more information on whatever so with that being said let's get into it alright so before it sir I'm just going to show you all really quick what is actually in the background of this video this is what's happening so anyways so that is what I'm working with right now I'm sorry for the back I'm sorry for the background noise but that's what it is moving up I had to give sunny out because it was turning it was turning into too much he was doing too much anyways the first place that I really started looking was YouTube YouTube was honestly where I was even introduced to the idea of psychiatric service doubts well obviously I did a Google search but then I turned to YouTube and so there's so many great handlers on YouTube and dog trainers so the first person who Hey thank you settle please thank you so one of the handlers that I love on YouTube is service angel Percy she's a professional dog trainer and handler she's had her dog for about four years

now and she makes videos like she makes daily vlogs I'm living with her service dogs she does q and A's and she also does dog training videos I'll make sure to link all of this stuff down below but another one of the people that I watched a lot of videos of was couple of mouths she also has a psychiatric service dog he does other tasks as well but she has a lot of great training videos and she's also a professional dog trainer another handler that I really liked that I watched a lot of videos on was service doodle on YouTube she makes a lot of like daily vlog video she also has a couple of training videos up and Wes looks so much like baby it's so funny to see what baby's going to grow up and look like probably so I really like her channel so besides other service dog handlers on YouTube there's also so many dog training videos on YouTube and I really like to watch dog training videos because it's super helpful to be able to like actually see what's happening like what the trainer interacting with the dog and stuff and I like to watch a variety of like different training styles because it's nice to hello I like to watch a variety of different training

styles because it's to see like all the new different perspectives and hear all the different like approaches that different types of trainers takes so some of the trainers that I watched a lot on YouTube are all things pups Zac George's training revolution um dog training by Kiko pup I'm not sure if that's how it's pronounced but I'll link it below and a lot more than that too but there's so there's just so many resources also Denise Benzie also makes YouTube videos I'll talk about more about her later but I like her channel as well I also just want to note that a lot of like the youtubers instagramers and stuff that I talked about they are a lot of the youtubers also have instagrams and like they're also available on other platforms and stuff so I'll just link everything down below so there is a lot of overlap but it's all it's all good so I'll just make sure to link it below next for websites obviously there's so much information available on the internet like even just with a quick google search you can pull up so much so much stuff so I'm just gonna highlight the ones that I really

helped me in that I still go to first of all if you're looking to train a psychiatric service dog psychiatric service dog partners is a great website for even if you're not training like specifically a psychiatric service dog and your dog is going to just have psychiatric tasks this website is a great resource there's so much training information information on like owner training a service dog basic obedience all of that stuff it's all compiled they're such a great resource and if you're interested there is a listserv that you can join I joined it a few months ago and it's been super helpful for getting like information from other members and stuff so a listserv is basically like it's like an email chain I don't really know how to explain it but it's kind of like let me google it really quick and pull up a concise definition so I'm not trying to throw out some random scramble of brain fog words pop this brick is brought to you by brain club and we're back so the definition of a listserv is a program that handles subscription requests for a mailing list and distributes new

messages News loves newsletters or other postings from the list members to the entire list of subscribers as they occur or are scheduled basically you can like posts if you post something to the listserv you just like it's like sending an email but it goes to everyone and you can get feedback and it's just a really great place to get information on a whole bunch of stuff so psychiatric service dog partners is a really great place really great website and their listserv is great too another website that really helped me a lot especially in the beginning stages of having be because I've never owned a puppy before we got Sonny who's my family like pet dog well when he was about six months old but I wasn't really home for a lot of him being a puppy and I wasn't really that involved in his training either so another website that really helped me was puppy and training.com this is a blog that is run by a man who has been raising puppies been a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for America for about since 2007 so like 12 years now and I can't say enough good things about it like there's so much good information on raising puppies like crate training

all of that stuff by someone who's really gone through it and it really helped me to feel a lot less alone whenever I had any like puppy issues come up with BB so I really like that website another website that I turned to a lot was whole dog journal super helpful just tons of information not just on service dogs just like dogs in general dog training like their diet all of that good stuff the last two sites that I want to mention is Denise benzy site Denise Finzi is a professional dog trainer she trains dogs to compete in sport and obedience work and so it's not specifically service work but she talks a lot about like just like training stuff in general her website is really helpful for a lot of like different training information she talks a lot about engagement training which is super important for service work and sir start teams because you really want your dog to be engaged with you when they're working and stuff so I got a lot of good stuff off of her website and she updates it pretty frequently it's like a blog and so is the puppy in training one so I love her website the last website that I want to mention was actually pointed out

to me by a member of psychiatric service dog partners on the listserv but it is the adat dot org website but it's the adat dot org I'll link it below but it's like there's just a bunch of different resources on service animals laws that visits housing living with your service animal which is housing yeah so tons of great information on that website and it's like there's just like links to all of that stuff so it's really great go-to for me that's all for the website this is not an exhaustive list and there's obviously so many other websites that I went on but I just wanted to point these out because they were super helpful to me and have a lot of great information on them so next I'm going to talk about books that I read the first book that I read was the other end of the leash yes it you can see it has been through a lot but so have I and we're both still going strong so yes this book was recommended to me by another service dog handler it's by dr. Patricia Patricia McConnell and she's an applied animal behaviorist I'm stumbling on my words right now it has so many good insights on how to improve your relationship with your dog interpret their behavior better so you

can have a better relationship and how like your behavior and how like the signals that you're sending off actually affect your dog so this was a super good book I would definitely recommend this to all prospective handlers and like current handlers because this book was this helped me so much the next book that I read I actually listened to on audiobook and it was if bones could rain from the sky by Suzanne Chloe air and she is a great relationship based trainer and that book was also just about on improving your relationship with your dog centering your dogs and your like bond your training around your bond and that book was also amazing I would definitely recommend that I think I listened to it on audible um if you have an Amazon Prime membership you get two free audible books so I listen to it for free it was great 10 out of 10 I'll link it below the third book that I read was Zack Georgia's training revolution the like he had like a whole series on he just got a new puppy and he has a whole series on like Trant puppy training and all that stuff and he released like a free PDF and I skimmed that and it was

good insights on like puppy training and all of that stuff so I would definitely recommend that one for all like beginner trainers who are just starting out that woman was a really good place for me to start so I would recommend that finally I want to talk about Wow look at that more time has passed finally I want to talk about the Instagram community for service dog handlers the Instagram service dog community it can be a really positive and encouraging place I know that people have like met people in their area organized training meetups through Instagram so yeah it's just nice to be reminded that you're not alone in the journey and that there's so much support and community out there and we can just continue to uplift each other some of my favorite service dog instagramers I guess I don't up that's how uh Levi at your service and these handler also is Instagram Alex likes life and oh she also youtubes and like vlog stuff she also has CF SME so her YouTube is also great I will link that below as well Levi at your service also posts a lot of really cool informative stuff training videos King

Henry of Nashville very adorable golden retriever helps his handler out they post videos on tuesdays task train twos tack trained tuesdays wow i need to work on my enunciation tasks trained tuesday videos where they post videos of henry tasking and helping his handler jessica out come on obviously service angel percy she posts really great stuff on instagram more training stuff she actually also has a puppy that she is raising for her program right now so there's lots more puppy information now to service doodle wes Phoebe's long-lost brother from another mother honestly maybe the same mother cuz they look so similar and so so many more other handlers the Instagram service dog community can be a really great place to connect with people and just lift each other up in the journey of racing a service and Alma training a service dog because it it is a road it is a road and there are moments in the day where I'm like this it I wanna I wanna get off I want to exit but you just have to keep going and trust that it's gonna pay off baby come you know the fans want to see you the pants you stay high stamina

no no gonna please thank you that's you Oh funny break for a moment that I want to share before I signed off sign off I announced on my Instagram that Bibi was getting so old and that he's I was like oh my god she's six months old and then Bibi actually one of my friends also has um a puppy and and after this clip my keep memory card stopped working so I unfortunately lost the rest footage long story short I thought that creepy was six months old and only realized that he wasn't because my friend's dog has the same birthday so she informed me that they were actually six months my bad please feel free to comment any resources that have helped you out down below let's help each other out like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and found it helpful thank you so much for watching and I'll see you all next time bye [Music]