14 September 2018

Service Dog Q+A

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hello and welcome to my channel or

welcome back to my channel my name is Meredith and this is a channel about living life with and Beyond a chronic illness so today I want to answer all of your questions that you sent me about service dogs so I haven't gotten my service dog just yet so I am by no means an expert on the subject but I definitely want to share what I do know and answer some questions about my dog specifically so before we get into this video I do want to clarify the difference between an emotional support animal a therapy dog and a service dog because I think that will set us up on the right foot for the rest of everything if we're clear on that aspect so a therapy dog is a dog that's specifically trained and certified to go into places like senior centers college campuses hospitals any place where someone who might need some stress relief something to perhaps boost the morale of the place I know for example in college around finals time they always bring in some therapy dogs to the Student Union and you can go and pet them and get all the stress relief that you needed before you studied for your finals so I always appreciate that

therapy dogs do great work and they are great members of our community and then an emotional support animal would be an animal that provides emotional support for a handler who has a mental illness this is different than a psychiatric service dog but I'll get to the difference in just a moment something to know about emotional support animals is that they're allowed in no pet housing and they are allowed on planes but they don't have public access rates like a service dog and then a service dog would be any dog that is trained to do specific tasks to help mitigate a disability so the difference between a psychiatric service dog and an emotional support animal is that the emotional support animal is just there to do emotional support they don't have to do any specific tasks just their presence is a emotional support whereas a psychiatric service dog is trained to do specific tasks to help mitigate the mental illness and the service dog is allowed access into any public establishment because under a DA a service dog is considered a piece of medical equipment so anywhere where you could bring say a

wheelchair into an establishment you could also bring in a service dog the first question is why do you need a service dog I have something called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or pots and if you don't know what that is I've made a whole video about it and I will link that up above so definitely check that out and with my pots I have trouble with postural changes and I also faint quite frequently the second question is what tasks will your dog perform some examples of tasks that my dog might perform are medical alert medical response because you can't guarantee that a dog is going to be able to detect medical happenings before they happen this is always this is my hope but it's unrealistic to think that it's definitely going to happen so we cross our fingers and hope that it'll be able to detect when I'm going to pass out but on the chance that my dog doesn't have that capability some dogs have it some dogs don't my dog will be doing medical response being able to retrieve medication water anytime I drop something you would be able to pick up

and I might also be training the dog to do some mobility tasks as well as hearing tasks if need be probably more down the road the next question is how do you get a service dog there are two ways in which you can get a service dog the first way is to go through a service dog organization and a service dog organization you apply for a service dog once you qualify they put you on a list and then you wait and then of you get matched with an already trained doc the other route that you can take is owner training which is the route that I am taking and basically how this process came about for me is that I talked to my doctor and I think you should always talk to your doctor when you're thinking about bringing a service dog into your life because it is part of your treatment plan I talked to my doctor and he definitely thought that it was a good idea for me and the other reason that I needed a doctor's note is because before it's trained and everything it's not considered a service dog but it's going to be trained to be a service dog and the place that I live right now is not pet friendly housing so I asked my

landlord about it and she says as long as I had a doctor's note I would be able to have the dog here at my apartment that's how I started acquiring the dog and then I found a breeder here in Ohio and once I found the breeder we put down a deposit last week and we will be getting a puppy in the way that you get a any puppy if you're getting it from a breeder and we will get it when it's about eight weeks old and from there I will be training it from the ground up not by myself because I'm not an experienced dog tray or anything like that but I will be taking to every class and I'll probably work alongside a private trainer as well and once it learns all of its basic tasks that's when I will start to go into the more service dog oriented tasks like retrieving water medication that sort of thing here in the state of Ohio service dogs in training are allowed to go anywhere that cert fully trained service dogs are allowed to go bearing in mind that you know at all times you can you have them under your control and their house trained but that's different in every state and the federal law says that a service dog in training isn't

allowed to be in public establishments in the way that a service dog is but check with your state if you do have a service dog or plan on getting a service dog because the laws are different in the next question is what kind of dog am i getting I am getting a golden retriever I also consider getting a golden doodle or a standard poodle but ultimately for me it ended up just coming down to my favorite breeder that I found and the one that I found I felt the most secure and getting a dog from and I felt like they were a responsible breeder was a golden retriever breeder what breed of dog is the best for service work this will depend on what type of tasks you want your service dog to do so for example if you are doing mobility you're going to want a larger dog and depending on what other tasks you want your dog to do will make a difference in what breed might be best suited for you so just do your research and figure out what dog is best suited for the type of tasks that you're looking for the last question is how do you know if you need a service dog or if a service dog will help you with your disability weight to know if a service

dog would be helpful in your treatment is to talk to your doctor and you know ask them if they think it's something that could potentially benefit you or if it's only going to make you more sick trying to keep up with a dog and trying to take care of this dog because at the end of the day it is a dog and it does need to be taken care of in the way that any household pet would need to be taken care of too and so it's definitely not a decision to take lightly so take as much time as you need when you are considering getting a service dog I know for me it's something I've been thinking about for over two years now so I've put a lot of thought into it and I've consulted my doctor and I've consulted my fiance and we've talked over you know the pros and the cons and really think it over if it's the right decision for you that's gonna wrap things up for today's video I hope that you enjoyed it and found it helpful if you did definitely give this video a thumbs up so that I know and definitely hit that little red button it subscribe so you don't miss any more of my future chronic illness or service dog videos and better yet hit that notification bell or fall

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