26 April 2017

Service Dog Tales: "Your Vision Seems Just Fine"

The kick off to a new vlog series on Oak Croft Films. I will discuss some of the crazy things that have happened as I have had Sylvia. The major reason for these ...

hey it's Mason see love for mo cross

films with the very first episode of a new series to my channel and the name of this new series is service dog tales metaphor so this series is going to be a little bit like autism actually speaking however it's going to be a bit more of a vlog in that it's going to focus on stories that have happened between myself and my beautiful service dog sylheti now some of the stories that I tell on this vlog series are going to be focusing on service dog issues some of them might focus on autism issues some of them might focus on both or some of them might be just crazy things that have happened that Silvia and I have witnessed or been through the purpose of the series will be to mainly shed light on the issues that people a service dogs face but also to normalize the experiences of people with service dogs so this week I want to talk to you about something that happens just a few weeks ago I was judging a high school speech tournament which I really like to do because I have power and I also get paid so one of the other judges comes up to me and starts eyeing Silvia looks at her he looks at me suspiciously he looks back at her reads the patch and at this

point I'm just trying to ignore him because people stare at my dog all the time this is nothing but then he comes up to me points at that do not pet me sign and says I shot for Rio what kind of question is that yeah it's it's pretty real I mean if you touch it your hand doesn't go through it it's not a theory Oh also are you asking me if I'm faking my service dog no I'm not and I try really hard to be patient with the guy and that's what I usually do mostly because I'm afraid of confrontation so I say yep it's real so you can't pet her yep that's what it says and then you like leans forward and like you looks at me really closely and then he says but your vision seems just fine different disabilities serve service dogs aren't just for buying people oh what disability okay normally I'm very open about the fact that I'm autistic I mean I do an entire web series about it but that information isn't being forced out of me that is me volunteering that in from when I'm in a situation where someone is basically accusing me of faking a disability or faking a service dog I'm

very inclined to answer that is none of your damn business I didn't answer that instead I said I have a sensory disorder and she helps me out and then after this entire interaction the guy says oh so can I pet her no no sir I'm sorry but she's working what I'm not directly confrontational look I'm sure this guy didn't mean it maliciously I highly doubt that he got up in the morning looked into the mirror and said I'm going to be a dick to an autistic today in aught is dick well I ought to stick it to you that was bad but no I'm sure he wasn't a bad person and I guess that's the real point of this series every day well-meaning people often do things or say things around service dogs or service dog partners that are just really not OK and I'm not saying that we need to respond to these microaggressions with macro aggressions but it is important to become aware about the problems with these interactions being all suspicious of a service dog when it's not acting up and asking whether it's fake or not in many ways D legitimizes the experiences of service dog partners and it makes us

feel like our right to be in public is being attacked I'm not saying that fake service dogs aren't a problem I'll probably talk about that in a later video and I strongly believe that when it comes to these situations don't demonize educate and that's why I tried to be patient with the guy and when I tried to explain to him that he couldn't pet my dog because she was working and if you were surprised by this interaction then you should probably know that that's not the first time that's happens and it will likely not be the last people need to know that things like this happen to service dog partners every day and that's the purpose of the series now that concludes this episode thanks for watching everyone and if you liked this video please like share subscribe comments all that good stuff Silvia play us out okay