23 April 2019

Service Dog Training - Day 10 - Tiny - Socialization Exercise with People

On this video I am performing the socialization exercise with Tiny and with Jackson playing the visitor role. This exercise is very specific with fading the owner in ...

hi welcome on this video I'm going to be

doing a socialization exercise with tiny tiny Tara conservative dollar training and Jackson this over here to help me playing the role of somebody wants to be able to Pat on tiny now here's a hope that they will service dogs but oftentimes received us with the sign saying in cat based on again focus within this system of training the focus is on creating a high enough level focus F if somebody wants the path your service dog now that's not something that I asked you to do all the time but the computer somewhere and there's a child or something wants to service a service dog you know straight City sucks that you're gonna be able to do it with the level of focus shift they go away how this works it is off baby improperly from specific interactions that's one to change perception now this interaction could see the second I'm going to frame this up its to push old technique so I'm going to be doing the push pull the braid the time in under a reasonable level of influence she's gonna come into agreement with as Jackson walks in to get close to that tiny now this is again this is just the beginning stage of this so the goal here is not to Jackson to

put his hand on top of Tiny's head for this part of it here this is just to get planning to begin to relax so they start to think about getting closer so here this exercise for seeking setting this up so notice I'm going to create an angle here a little better but and I'm going to switch over to the flat caller - so black caller is good because it levels up the level of influence the pressure collar is called choke chain for this type of exercise you don't want that type of influence that way even though this is proactive so that's reasonable black color helps keep things alive okay and when you look for you this exercise is making sure the dog is not tense if I see any sort of fixation or tension on on Tiny's body I know that's the time to just stop because here's the thing if you're not certain with some dogs okay the one who's a muzzle for this exercise by using a muzzle just being really intentional with keeping this safe and knowing that we're trying these out so this is although even though exercise a very intentional way so and move around here we're gonna kind of line this up a little better create a bit of an angle

so that you want even those exercises you want a bit of an offset angle so that tiny has to turn her head towards Jackson which is what I don't want okay so how this works is though they do the pushing pull push it pull is going to create a inwardness okay this is the whole thing you look at the picture thing in you know as Jackson with intimacy in a minute as I'm doing this I will increase the level of the technique okay the correspond to how much time he wants to invest okay so while I was staying ahead of the curve over mine and you'll see this reconciles because as influence takes hold and she comes into agreement with it it changes the focus her focus of their focus shifts inwards towards me so I don't want her looking at Jackson I want her just to light this way it worked to me and as she does better because she's more people more accepting then I accept to think about basic stringing on okay but he's been in this exercise the first of all if the Jackson be able touch the top of her head how about line this up the disco slowly do this this time excited to be doing over the

next few days progressively okay so everyone started this exercise now as Jackson begin to think coming in to be able to see how this works didn't see her eyes shift towards me as a more as it comes in more and I stuffed it up so try to stand up that's just a reaction of how she's expressing a little bit of control and I bring her in a little bit towards me I'm assessing her level of conflict here with the technique okay okay I want her to be agreeable but there's there's a little bit resistance here but that will be my stopping point anyway okay when I get a certain level here I'll think about stop alright there's pretty good to start right say it takes a lot to look just push it up whole so I'll commit into this method is I own databases that read shuffling the deck from here it is helpful to finish off the poi steps back so they had a dam onto this to put it down position right near him and we're back up a little sip tip bring about a candle that here this is why you go see go offset and one hang out here for a second white you see dogs that would be in conflict because they want to be in

control okay if I let her go right now that's not to say that she would bite Jackson okay she'd be very agreeable needing to jump on him or bathe his space and but it's about control it's like you know it's all both evening the parent or it's coming through me okay so therefore you're seeing some conflict because this realized how she is meeting Jackson that's being defined relationally on the pivot point now okay does pack animals okay so I'm establishing now she knows whatever those the intent there okay this goal here is just to get relaxed a little bit a little bit more Jacqueline a little bit more is coming so I'm going for it there's good and so just inching it slowly inch by inch eyes can everybody do this cuz cuz he thought except these flash-forwards cross machine could do that but guys have been paying attention to dog by lands and a how relaxed are there were this is the stress relieving take back and he's really folks here to her I'll do it but pushing a pole I'm saying up not defining interaction but the point of contact okay as he steps back I do to push both and she doesn't think that

she's being controlled through that this is caught I think sort of do read control this exercise decides normal right so the visitor coming into your home because one campaign Curtis no I'm in control here I don't want it to be bad thoughts want to be accepted as a follower Patrick Katherine Jackson tactic here so in a really great exercise just say she's a little bit in the next half of the exercise right a little bit more kind of not so agreeable right because this is a big deal understand this type of exercise because she was reactive okay but prior to coming here in terms of in terms of humans okay and it's all this is about you know communicating to her is that it's a circus dog okay I want her to be totally you know hopefully the follower in terms of breathable to people being able to touch her knowing that you know it's being defined through the relationship level so this is very specific exercise she did really well considering she was someone we have taught before and now it's already starting to become more agreeable releasing stress as like a stress relieving type of exercise for

her but I guess hope you know what's reasonable when we do this just yeah after you just kind of nuts forward a little bit you have to keep global influence you want to maintain that level keep it going but it definitely has to go up okay to stay ahead of the curve over mine okay so it affects the direction of her focus okay but understand it's also a cut-off point okay you sense that you know up you know pushing pulling pretty guitar and it's holding me on what I want to find is reasonable and it's breaking a lot of conflict you need to stop like prior to that okay cuz this is a progressive exercise okay it takes time that bridge builder so you're not going to here's the point exercise not a wealthy person dog okay it's not about that okay this is about relationship this is what we feed again so don't make it about the person becoming the pet the dog make it above you know what let's lose the right way this needs to be just slowly that Britt's building so that truly your dog is in a really good state of mind okay but this is the specific exercise to office that okay in terms of being agreeable don't use people want to use

treats they want to establish some type of agreeableness that way to have relationship though and a problem with that okay is if I can be in breathable but still be holding level control the relationship so again this is very specific make sure that God is truly releasing control and you're aiding in the right leg thanks for watching